10 cheap and promising players to buy in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team

Released for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in late 2019, FIFA 20 brings a host of new features and improvements for fans of the sport. Along with single player career and Volta Football matches, one of the most played modes is FUT, FIFA Ultimate Team. In it, people from all over the world can build their football teams and use virtual money to buy the best and most sought-after athletes. In this text, we present options for you who want to buy cheap players to build your team.

If you also intend to build your team for FUT, check out below 10 pointers to cheap, promising players with great potential, perfect for structuring the squad early in FUT without spending a lot of coins.

Let’s get to the nominees!

Cheap and promising players for FIFA 20 FUT mode

1 – Andre Onana

Cameroon goalkeeper Andre Onana is 1.87 m tall and has attributes above 80 in all important aspects for a goalkeeper. His Reflex is 83, Diving is 84, and Shooting is 86. It’s a wall that can save your team from several dangerous plays. All this for around 1,000 FUT coins.

2 – Raffa

Rafa, a Benfica player from Portugal, costs between 1,500 and 1,800 coins. It may seem “expensive,” but a quick look at its status reveals some amazing capabilities for its price. It’s 92 Acceleration Points and 94 Run Speed, with Great Dribbling (86). His skills are rated 4 stars.

3 – Mario Fernandes

Another player under 1,000 coins: Right side Mario Fernandes is very focused on defense where he has 81 points in set. Other highlights are 85 sprint points and 87 endurance points, with which he survives most matches.

4 – Sergi Roberto (RB)

With prices that fluctuate between 1,500 and 2,100 FUT coins, it might seem expensive at first. Again, a quick look at his skill chart shows that the player is worth it. Sergi has great passing and crossing skills (83 and 84) and is a good option for passing the ball and setting up plays.

5 – Luke Biglia

For around 900 coins you can take a midfielder with 81 general points in passing and dribbling attributes to your club. Lucas is a great option for composing plays and adding cadence to the middle of the turf.

81 total points in passing and dribbling attributes.

6 – Eric Lamela

An extremely versatile right midfielder. Erik has 4 skill points and high averages in several of his attributes including passing, shooting, dribbling, and aggression. His speed is mediocre, but his forte is ball control and distribution. Looking at the current charts, it fluctuates between 1,200 and 3,000 FUT coins, so following the market to buy at the right moment is important.

His strength is ball control and ball distribution.

7 – Gylfi Sigurdsson

Icelandic player Gylfi is another player with prizes starting at 1,000 FUT coins. His favorite position is attacking midfield, where he plays with a total of 83 points. Like Erik, he has a great ability to exchange balls, passes and shots on goal (although his agility is low). It’s a good option for sales and for taking risks remotely.

Gylfi Sigurdsson

8 – Bas-Dost

Dutchman Bas Dost, current forward for Frankfurt, has an average of 82 making it a great choice to start your career in FUT. Other highlights include the 80 points in physical resistance and 82 points in submissions. Its price is currently fluctuating between 850 and 1200 coins.

9 – Mario Fernandes

A Russian league player, Mário Fernandes, has his prize, which is under 1,000 FUT coins, as the main attraction. He has very high acceleration and run rates, as well as good physical, defensive, and dribbling skills (79, 81, and 78, respectively).

It has very high acceleration and running rates.

10—Vincent Company

Kompany is quite a central defender. He has great reaction time and composure, but the highlight is his defensive skills: all are above 80 points. His physical attributes also include 87 Strength and 83 Aggression. A tip if you decide to invest in this player is to follow the price charts closely. There have been weeks when it cost around 1,000 coins. Current values ​​vary between 1500 and 2500 FUT coins.

It can take a while to get the money for a Zidane!

How to choose the best players for your FUT team

If you don’t want to stay on our list, you’ll have to do a lot of research. Instead of wasting time in FIFA 20 menus, a good alternative can be to look for specialized websites that bring the full list of players, their scores and also the current market values.

In this way it is possible to quickly compare athletes from different teams and nationalities in order to put together the dream team. One of the sites that has this tool is FUT Bin, which you can access by clicking on this link. When you access the page you will see the list of cheapest players after each score.

Quickly compare athletes from different teams and nationalities to build your dream team.

After that, click on the name of the player of interest to access the full data page, which includes their attributes in the field, key positions and mainly graphics and price data, separated by platform (PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC). and updated daily.

If you are in doubt between two options, use the compare button on the site to see which is the best choice for your dream FUT squad.

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