10 enemies too strong to win games

There are strong enemies and appeals in every game. Some of them punish players almost to the point of giving up, until finally finding the right way to kill them. Other games don’t seem to want to see you smile, however. We’re talking about games with bosses, monsters and opponents who are simply immortal.

More common in horror series like Resident Evil and Alone in the Dark, these enemies give you only one option: run to save your life and ammo. This sadistic twist from the developers can add that extra adrenaline rush to the game, especially when you least expect it.

Check out our selection of 10 enemies too strong to be beaten in games below!

1. Alien Isolation – Xenomorph

If the movies weren’t already scary enough, how about a game with an invincible alien? What a great idea isn’t it? This is even more true in dark environments where you are afraid of just being there.

How about a game with an invincible alien?

To make matters worse, the game’s xenomorph is still “learning” from his moves. The artificial intelligence observes your steps and pulls you out of the safest of hiding places. The path has to be walked, otherwise …

2. Dahaka-PoP

A relentless enemy who fights to stop the prince’s actions and keep the order of time. From the start, Dahaka is shown as a terrifying presence that can only be escaped. At least until your last encounter, when you finally escape this creature.

3. God of War 2 – Zeus

Anyone who has played God of War knows how the battle between Kratos and Zeus ends. Nevertheless, the great god humiliated Kratos in the second episode and showed him that his powers were nowhere near what he needed.

4. Outlasting – Chris Walker

Dark, strong and bloody. Chris Walker is just one of Outlast’s enemies. The game was really made to awaken your worst nightmares, with a series of “immortal” opponents for you to make your game run.

5. Resident Evil 2 Remake – Mr. X

Mr X was once just one element of the B-Scenario and was put into action in the main campaign of Resident Evil 2 Remake. You can stop it for a moment after you’ve dumped all of your ammo. The problem is: and then how can you kill the zombies? So the best strategy is always to run.

It’s hard to stay calm as Mr. X’s footsteps echo through the police station. And they come towards you …

6. Resident Evil 3 Remake – Nemesis

Likewise, it was Jill’s turn in Resident Evil 3 to be pursued by Nemesis. Fast and terrifying encounters, in which it is practically imperative to run away in order not to lose ammunition, determine the pace of the game. The time for Nemesis has come, but players have a good part of the game to tackle.

7. Resident Evil 7 – Jack

Another immortal monster in Resident Evil? You bet! Unlike Umbrella’s monsters, Jack is aware of his actions and resists whatever you throw at him. Even the serum that was supposed to kill him fails and has a delayed effect.

8. Sekiro – Genichiro Ashina

This article is an exception on our list. Like the early bosses of Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls and Bloodborne (other From Software games), Genichiro was designed to crush players the first time they meet and give everyone a taste of what to expect. Death is the natural path and shows how players can revive.

It turns out that the most seasoned will survive all these encounters and face a protracted battle in which every slip is fatal.

9. Silent Hill 2 – pyramid head

As a manifestation of guilt and agony, the pyramid head debuted in the second game of the franchise (which later appeared on many other occasions). As always, there is no way you can kill this shadowy creature unless the right moment has come. The soundtrack and tracks add a touch of horror that torments your soul.

10. Evil in 2 – anima

Everything is going well, you carefully walk down the hallway so as not to make any noise … Until the couch starts to fly and you hear that moan that sends a shiver down your spine. Anima is another invincible opponent who will make you run anywhere just not towards her. If you stay and she catches you, it’s game over!

So do you remember any other enemies too powerful to be defeated? If so, let us know in the comments below!