10 secrets you missed in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

For many fans, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot felt like the perfect transformation of anime and manga into a video game, now with the graphics provided by the power of today’s console and PC graphics cards. Almost every major event in DBZ history is present in this RPG, covering everything from the saga of Saiyans, Friezers, and Androids to Majin Buu. There’s even room for some secrets…

If you’re a Dragon Ball fan, check out below a list of 10 secrets, Easter eggs, and references used in DBZ: Kakarot that may have gone unnoticed during the game’s campaign.

10. A day at driving school

In general, people hate the twisted episodes, the so-called “fillers,” which mostly happen between arcs to buy the writers time while the main story is being produced. Dragon Ball Z had episodes like this one, but some of them broke the rule and ended up winning a special place in the hearts of fans.

Such was the case with the Driving School episode, in which Piccolo and Goku attempt to get their driver’s license on Chi-Chi’s orders. It doesn’t make sense, we know, but the competitive climate heated up and created fun scenes with the characters.

Everything has been reproduced in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, including characters like the trainers.

With checkpoints, turbos and plenty of competition, you’ll be in a race against Piccolo and you’ll need to accelerate hard to guarantee victory.

9. Time travel in DBZ Kakarot is not for decoration

After beating the game, you’ll gain access to Trunks’ time travel ship, rescued by Bulma and rebuilt by Capsule Corporation. It is thus possible to travel back in time to revisit some of the plot scenarios and replay the missions.

Aside from being a great reference to Toriyama’s work, there is a lot of speculation that the engine will be used for future DLC and for the Season Pass.

8. Number 8? Android 8 to the rescue!

Many people are just starting to watch Dragon Ball from the Z saga, these people are used to seeing androids from number 16, but the robot saga starts way back when Goku was a kid.

However, the robot saga begins way back when Goku was just a kid.

In one of the DB episodes, they show Android 8, the eighth creation of Dr. gero The boy strongly resembles Frankenstein in appearance, but has a good heart and refuses to fight. Eventually, Goku and 8 become good friends (something later saved in Dragon Ball GT).

Android 8 appears in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot as an NPC in one of the quests. The development team even took care of sending Red Ribbon Forces robots to fight against Goku. An excellent reference for those who are longtime fans.

7. The Pilaf gang makes a special cameo appearance in DBZ

Despite being virtually forgotten in the Dragon Ball Z saga, the members of the Pilaf gang had a large involvement in the events of DB Super. They are also involved in some of Kakarot’s quests and are always looking for capsules and Dragon Balls.

Aunt Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

6. Dragonball development? Under no circumstance!

In one of the towns in the game, when Goku walks past a school, he remarks that this place would never be for him. Sites like Gamerant speculate that this is a stab in the plot of Dragon Ball Evolution, the horrifying film adaptation.

In the film’s storyline, Goku is a high school student who ends up getting involved in a journey involving the Dragon Balls. Better leave that career to Gohan…

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Goku

Image: Gamerant

5. Make your wish to Shen-Long!

As a good Saiyan fighter, you can ask Shen-Long to bring back some of the enemies he encountered during the campaign, like Frieza. It is a good reference to the drawings and also an excellent opportunity to develop your fighting skills in DBZ Kakarot.

Enemies will appear somewhere on the map, waiting for you for the long-awaited rematch. As usual in the Dragon Ball universe, they all come back stronger. Did they train their ki in hell?

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot for PC

4. Dragon Ball collectibles everywhere

For those who don’t know the original saga when Goku was a kid (and we’re not talking about Dragon Ball GT), the good news is that Dragon Ball Z Kakarot brings a variety of trading cards with images from the first anime, the help contextualize some of the references used.

3. Gotenks and Vegito, a heavyweight duo

The parent-child version merges are there, but not for your good. Gotenks and Vegito appear as possessed characters in the storyline, combining the strength of four fighters in two combinations to attack him from all sides.

Gotenks and Vegito are considered to be DBZ Kakarot’s strongest enemies. Many of the more experienced players recommend that you focus on defeating Gotenks first and then turn your attention to Vegito.

2 – The understated appearance of Android 21

Designed and conceived by Akira Toriyama himself, Android 21 is a creation of the Red Ribbon Forces. She is not a canon part of Dragon Ball Z as she was only introduced in Dragon Ball Fighter Z as the main villain. His intellect is said to be on par with Doctor Gero.

Because of her level of performance, Android 21 has an insatiable appetite and fondness for sweets. To the surprise of many, she reveals in some dialogues that she doesn’t even have ten years to live. In her final DragonBall FighterZ form, she is given pink skin, light-colored hair, and pointy ears, an appearance even resembling some of the Majin forms from the Buu saga.

To the surprise of many, she reveals in some dialogues that she doesn’t even have ten years to live.

Here, in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, Android 21 appears as a simple explorer during the Cell Arc. However, his oversight of Vegeta’s training is a clever way of fitting the character and events of the fighting game into the overall storyline. Who can say for sure that she isn’t already planning the events we will see in the future?

    Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot game

1. Get ready for Xenoverse’s big boss, Mira!

Continuing with Android 21 and the idea that this game is linked to the others in the Dragon Ball Z saga, we have Mira and Towa, the great villains of Xenoverse, making an appearance. Defeat all villains on the map to fight him. Prepare for a high level battle.

If successful, you will see Towa come to Mira’s rescue, implying that her brother is still in the prep phase and lacks his full power. The two head to another timeline to continue their evil plans.


So, have you seen any other cool references or secrets in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot that we haven’t listed here? Leave the tip for us in the comment box. In the meantime, increase your Ki!

Source: Gamerant, Gameranx