10 tips for mastering the light charge mechanics in Destiny 2

Bungie continues to innovate in Destiny 2. Having re-released the game on Steam, the company is now bringing important updates such as the release season. These updates include brand new content and game modes, as well as the new Charge of Light, a mechanic that adds even more depth to Destiny 2’s equipment system.

Check out 10 tips to understand what the charge of light is. Learn how you can use it to increase the power of your guardian and discover some important details of this system.

1. What is the charge of light in Destiny 2?

While it looks complex, the Light Charge can simply be viewed as a resource that can be used to empower your Guardian with power buffs. The mechanic was introduced in the season of dawn and persisted for the season of apparitions.

You don’t do anything yourself. It is necessary to use them along with other mods for them to take effect and bring benefits to the players.

2. Which devices use the Light Charge?

This feature can interact with some of the seasonal equipments in Destiny 2. These are armors that are identified by an icon in the top left. In the season of dawn, this was the marker:

Image: The Main

If you browse the available mods for these gears you can find several with yellow and green icons. It’s the mark of compatibility with the Destiny 2 Light Charge system.

3. When will there be new devices with Light Charge?

The Light Charges mechanic debuted during the Dawn season. The system continues to work through the Season of Appearances, and Bungie has released new gear and mods for players to explore.

light cargo

4. How do I get Light Charges in Destiny 2?

To obtain them, players must equip armor that is compatible with the mechanics. Then they have to fill their slots with the mods marked in green. They represent light stacks of cargo. You can only get them if you meet the requirements shown on the screen.

The Dawn Armor Charged Finish Mod, for example, grants the player 1 point Light Charge if he defeats a fighter with the specified finish and consumes a tenth of the super energy for it.

5. The power of the light charges on your armor

Once the light stacks are received, it is possible to equip the mods marked in yellow. Unlike greens, these mods consume your light charge while activated. However, the effects are usually significant.

An example is High Energy Fire: While the player has light charges, the player receives a considerable weapon bonus (around 20% damage). Each defeated enemy will then consume one level of your Light Charge.

6. How to fill up the levels (stacks)

In order to replenish the Light Charge Levels, you will need to meet the Green Mod requirements again. Many of the effects of Light Charge Mods last longer even after you’ve used up all of the charge levels. At this point, it is essential to observe the descriptions in the device menu.

light cargo

7. How to Pick the Best Light Charge Mods

Lots of people discuss Destiny 2’s best Light Charge Mods combinations, but the reality is that they vary greatly from player to player. To build a cool kit, you need to look at your own style of play, what types of attacks you prefer to use, and how you enter into confrontations. There’s no point in equipping melee buffs if you’re always killing rivals with long-range shots.

8. Keep an eye on your equipment penalties!

When equipping mods with Light Charge, not everything is beneficial, there are several options that will negatively affect your Guardian stats in Destiny 2. Despite increasing damage resistance when the shield is lost, the result is a reduction of 10 strength points. Do the math and see if this fits your strategy!

9. And also about the power requirements of mods

Remember that every single mod in Destiny 2 has an energy cost when equipped. The rule also applies to resource mods, and some of them have a very high cost. It is entirely possible that you will have to redo your loadout to accommodate some of the new mod options.

light cargo Image: The Main

10. Never fail to explore combinations

Once you find a combination that worked, don’t stop. Try to explore your options further. Constantly test the green and yellow mods to find the one that offers the shortest cooldowns and the greatest advantages in combat.

Destiny 2 holds many secrets and gear for you to enjoy the endless possibilities of the Light Charge mechanics.