12 tips on how to win in COD Warzone

After Fortnite, Apex Legends, Call of Duty and so many other games, the Call of Duty series has finally entered the world of Battle Royale. In CoD Warzone your goal is to be the last survivor among a crowd of competitors. For those who are struggling to defeat opponents, we’ve put together some essential tips that can help you win Warzone (including Gulag battles).

13 tips for winning in Call of Duty: Warzone

1. It all starts with your weapons

Many people excitedly open Call of Duty: Warzone and directly click on the option to start a match with friends (or in solo mode). Before you jump into battle, take 5 minutes to explore the menus, gameplay features, and key commands such as field upgrades, lethal, and tactical weapons.

Most importantly, visit the weapons section and create the weapon combos that you feel most comfortable with. New options are unlocked as the weapon tier increases. At first, until you get used to the commands, it can be a good idea to go for guns with larger magazines, such as B. the Bizon.

New options are unlocked as the weapon tier increases.

It’s also important to think about different game situations and create different combinations, including medium and long-range weapons. We will talk later about how to pick up these weapons in the game.

2. Set the launch point and learn to control the parachute

Everyone gets off the plane and has to jump somewhere on the map towards the goal. This is where you should define your game strategy. Will you attack from the edges or fall straight into the eye of the hurricane? If you choose the second one, you should know that you have to kill a series of enemies immediately. Anyone who is sure of a pistol or knows how to find the crates has an advantage here.

Will you attack from the edges or fall straight into the eye of the hurricane?

Speaking of jumping, it’s interesting to jump when you’re about 700 meters from the chosen target. This distance guarantees a fast fall without having to sequentially open the parachute along the jump. Just look at the point you want to reach.

For longer distances, the ideal is never to glide further than necessary. Go in the direction you want, always stretch and cut the parachute rope so you don’t get to the ground too late.

3. The role of the shopping station

After a few kills and loot, you’ll likely have your pockets full in the match. This is where the shopping station comes into play. You can purchase various items that will help in the field, such as: B. Precision attacks, UAVs (for spotting nearby enemies), armor plates and others.

The two main items here are the Self-Reanimation Kit (you can hold F to get back into combat if you’re knocked out by an opponent) and the Weapons Crate. The weapon crate will bring down from the sky the very sets you put together before battle. All your weapons, with tweaks, grips, lenses, silencers and abilities…

Think about the current situation, how your enemies are positioned and make the choice.

Another key strategy for the shopping station is to literally camp on top to take out oncoming enemies. Everyone is vulnerable during shopping time, making this a perfect opportunity to take out some opponents.

4. Knowing the right time to exchange gunfire

Many players, used to Deathmatch-type matches, can’t resist the urge to pull the trigger when they see someone running across the map. Don’t do this unless you’re killing or defending your territory from attack.

Many players can’t resist the urge to pull the trigger when they see someone running across the map.

Shooting at all times has disadvantages such as: B. showing your location to all other nearby teams. Even worse when you’re far away and without the right equipment to share shots. Be cool and calculate your chances of survival!

Speaking of shots, don’t forget the ping system: you can use it to literally show your fellow players where enemies, wild weapons and points of interest are.

5. Squelch at loadout is essential

Since we’re talking about the risk of shooting, it’s important that you always carry silenced variations of your guns. The surest way to accomplish this is through pre-programmed loadouts and weapon crates, but many in-game crates also contain powerful weapons equipped with silencers.

This makes life difficult for the enemy, who must rely solely on the fire gauge to locate you. Teams that are a little further away will hardly notice their position, making the game much safer.

Call of Duty Warzone

6. In Cold Blood, Specter and the Deadly Silence

There are a number of perks you can equip when building your weapons in Call of Duty. Some of them are limited to normal multiplayer, but some of them are applicable to Warzone. One of the most commonly used is Cold-Blooded. It makes him undetectable to thermal sights and AI systems. The drones can even detect those using Coldblood, but they cannot mark their position.

Another perk of the pre-configured weapons in the box that can be very helpful is Spectrum. It makes you immune to UAV sensors. In a team, it is ideal if everyone combines strategy.

It makes you immune to UAV sensors.

Other key perks recharge your ammo through consecutive kills. Field enhancements like Deadly Silence are great for confusing and surprising enemies in ambushes, especially in tighter areas and buildings.

Call of Duty Warzone

7. Vehicles? Only if required!

Some of the players with the most wins use a split role strategy during the game. While part of the group lands in regions with higher chances of looting, others set out in search of a helicopter. Although it seems easy, the execution is dangerous as each confrontation can be outnumbered.

If you want to capture vehicles, do so as needed to ensure quick repositioning or movement. Remember to equip the vehicle with trophy systems so you don’t get caught off guard by a rocket launcher and other similar surprises.

And as soon as you get close to the desired location, eject the vehicle so that the sound doesn’t continue to attract enemies from all corners. Remember: the sound will alert everyone around you.

Call of Duty Warzone

8. Be careful when opening and closing doors

If you don’t want to be heard from afar, try entering the buildings calmly by pressing the F key. If you run, your character will slam the doors against the walls, alerting everyone inside and around the building.

9th team in sync, even in the Gulag!

Whether you’re playing doubles, trios or foursomes, you need to be constantly communicating with your team. In general, players should not walk together to avoid being shot down by an RPG shot, for example. However, a safe proximity must be taken so that a player is quickly rescued by the others.

Also pay attention to pings and hints from colleagues. When escaping the gas, always try to make a coordinated move, with one player advancing to escort and hold the tail while the others run toward the center of the circle.

This synchronization and communication is even more important in the Gulag as some teams fall into the same cell. In this case, pass the opponent’s instructions on to your partner. This greatly increases the chances of survival.

Another tip for the Gulag is to hold down the “T” key and try to paint your opponents with as colorful sprays as possible. Not only will they be sharper in duels, but they’ll also be sharper in Warzone when they return with a painted body.

Call of Duty Warzone

10. Never forget grenades and explosives

In the heat of the last few seconds, many people despair and forget about the use of concussion grenades, C4, Semtex and other explosives. They are essential for stunning opponents, covering dangerous angles or forcing a position change.

An example is a team located inside a house: instead of trying to get into a direct confrontation, break down windows and send explosives inside, forcing enemies to jump through windows or doors at a disadvantage.

Call of Duty Warzone

11. The crown can be a blessing or a curse

One of the newest additions is the Survival Mission, denoted by a crown. If you pick it up, absolutely every other player in Warzone will see you, and you’ll get a reward for surviving. Here are two moments when this mission can be extremely beneficial.

The first is when you have a fully equipped team that is in a position of undeniable advantage. You will attract enemies like flies and have a chance to take them out with ease.

But the second way to use Survival is when you are the last survivor of the team, lacking resources, weapons and safe location. At this point, accept the mission and try to survive the required 3 minutes. If successful, all your allies are remobilized from the Gulag.

Call of Duty Warzone

12. Missions show the way

The quests scattered across the map aren’t just important for the loot and reward money. In addition, successive steps show the safe path around which the gas zone will be closed.

If you complete enough of them you will have an advantage as you will not…