20 tips for reaching Season Four of Call of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone is entering its fourth season and making an incredible success in the world of battle royale. In addition to the Battle Pass, the game tested several variations of the matches, with solo, doubles, trios, and quartet modes. The latest update brought a temporary mode for up to 200 players that turned Verdansk into one of the most chaotic scenarios ever, even when compared to Fortnite and Apex Legends.

To survive in CoD Warzone (and to have the chance to play a game) you need to know every corner of the map and some special game secrets. That’s why we’ve put together 20 special tips for you to do well in Call of Duty Warzone’s fourth season.

We’ll cover the top issues, from skydiving to the final take-off, when relying on heat sensors and visor can be a fatal mistake. We also have important tips that will increase your chances of getting back into the game after a Gulag duel. Ready soldier

20 tips to help you do well in CoD Warzone

1. Use the Warzone warm-up to upgrade your weapons

Many people leave their PC idle during the warm-up period because they can’t see the knockout fun. Instead, take the opportunity to get as many kills as possible. This increases weapon levels and is a way to experiment with gear and combos that you would never actually use.

2. Set your priorities at the beginning of the game

As soon as the plane’s screen appears, call your team, press the M key to open the map and start planning the game strategy. Analyze the position of the circle, the main points and the volume of the targets available in the landing area. After landing, your first goals should be:

  • take good guns
  • Find protective plates
  • get most of the money

Then you decide whether you want to wait for the gun case to drop and invest in resuscitation kits, including buying one right away. The focus here should be on agility!

3. Master the parachute to get to Verdansk. to fall faster

When returning to the plane, as soon as you track the drop point, try to do so as soon as possible. The best strategy is to jump a distance of nearly 700 meters and fall straight to the ground without opening your parachute. When you begin to levitate, all opposing teams land on the ground first, keeping the loot armed with machine guns and rifles waiting for your arrival.

That doesn’t sound like a good idea, does it?

4. Know beforehand where the circle is complete in Battle Royale

To know where the circle has come full circle and secure an advantageous position, your team can complete several reconnaissance missions in a row. They even point to the final breakout circle and offer good prey along the way.

5. Share your wealth with the team!

It is common for a team player to come across assets in the chests or kill someone who was full of money. Instead of focusing the money on one person, press the TAB key and click the items to put them on the floor.

Press the TAB key and click the items to place them on the floor.

This ensures that everyone on the team can properly equip themselves, purchase basic tools and ammunition. In addition, the loss in the event of death is not complete in financial terms.

6. The essential package at the shopping station

The shopping stations are one of the most important points in CoD Warzone. In them you will find plates, ammunition, UAVs, self-resuscitation kits and even the option to purchase a fallen ally. Just be careful as rival teams often mark these stations in search of vulnerable opponents.

7. Learn with explosives and C4. to deal with

Explosives have great potential against vehicles, especially Semtex and C4 types. In the case of C4, it is possible to detonate the first charge without firing a second one. Just press the device key twice in a row. The charge will detonate when it hits the ground.

8. The beat sensor is your friend in Warzone

While concussion and lightning grenades look more attractive than a tablet, the heart rate monitor can detect nearby enemies and alert you of impending collisions.

9. The big secret of the UAVs!

UAVs, when used individually, will reveal all of the enemies around you. The problem is that this system does not identify players with the Spectrum Perk enabled. To work around the problem, join your team and jointly unlock 3 UAVs. This activates a super system that keeps track of all the players on the map for a few seconds, including the Specter-equipped Smarties (although their rotations remain hidden).

FUN FACT: Using 3 UAVs at the same time in Warzone shows EVERY SINGLE ENEMY LOCATION THROUGHOUT THE MAP AND WHERE TO LOOK FOR the duration of the UAVs … insane. pic.twitter.com/2wZ5InWpHt

– Jack “CouRage” Dunlop (@CouRageJD) March 11, 2020

10. Never blindly trust your sensors

We’re talking about sensors and UAVs, but we have to be vigilant: nothing in Call of Duty Warzone is 100% reliable. Playing with a thermal riflescope does not work for any player who is equipped with Cold Blood. So try to use the equipment but always play in an alarm state so as not to be surprised.

11. Pings for everything!

In an online match, it’s common for you to ask someone “where the shots came from” and get an answer like “over there … I don’t know”. Not only is this useless, but it bothers everyone on the team who is focused on listening to every step the opponent makes.

It’s not just useless!

In order not to be that guy, learn to use the game’s ping commands. By pressing the Alt key, players can highlight anything that is directly under the crosshair, be it a point of interest, a destination, enemies, vehicles and much more.

12. Don’t let despair dominate your mind

A common situation is being pressured or hearing steps approaching when you tease a teammate. If you stop resuscitating it, the bar doesn’t immediately drain like it does with other battle royale. Instead, it gradually decreases. That way, you can finish the dude’s resuscitation, kill the intruder, and continue the process a few moments later.

Another thing: if you’ve bought a self-ventilation kit, don’t forget to use it during critical times. Just hold down the “F” key.

13. Fallen in battle? Don’t give up yet!

The moments after autumn are really excruciating. The “C” key is a quick way to end the suffering, but why not take the opportunity to help your teammates? Even downstairs, you can watch the battlefield to transfer calls. Even better? Use Alt to ping the exact location of the enemies you killed.

14. Train with the new weapons of the Gulag …

The last update of CoD Warzone added new weapons to the gulag, such as snipers, crossbows … They are difficult to use in the closed field as the reload time is very long. So there are two options for you:

Seize the moment to train them or switch to the secondary weapon … your fists!

With the primary weapon in hand, you can go for the enemy and try to finish them off before they have time to reload.

15. Don’t forget tactical equipment, grenades and flag

A few seconds after the start of the round, the use of tactical equipment and explosives is permitted in the gulag. Concussion grenades not only blur the enemy, they also slow down their movements considerably. Grenades can kill someone with ease.

Also, remember that the central flag can be captured quickly if no one is contesting it.

16. Gulag can also be played as a team

When you die as a team, it’s very common for the team to fall into the same gulag. At this point, position yourself in a place with good visibility and sing the movements to your ally. The chance of getting out of there increases enormously. Also, spray your opponents before going into the fray. They remain sprayed even when they return to Verdansk.

17. How to get after the gulag. recovered quickly

Gulag survived, now what? Well … when your teammates are in the field, you can drop with them and take part in some scavanger missions that bring in good loot from the golden level onwards.

Gulag survived, now what?

If you come back alone why not try the crown? Find a fast but closed vehicle, grab the crown and venture into the farthest corners of the map until time runs out and your team returns to battle. Don’t stop for nothing!

18. Know the points on the map with the best loot

To do well in season four, you need to know which points on the map have the greatest chances of high-quality loot. Places like Downtown, Quarry, Railyard, Train Station, and Prison are real gold mines, especially at the beginning of the game.

19. Customize your minimap to view more information

In the standard configuration, CoD Warzone displays the circular mini-map. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, if you switch to the square format, you get an even larger display area. This can make all the difference, especially in the more advanced stages, when the circle closes and enemies approach.

20. Never underestimate the power of vehicles in Warzone

Vehicles are not only to be seen as a means of transport. In trouble, you can use them to protect yourself and dodge snipers. You see a whole team running in the open …