Cards on Steam: Learn How to Make Money!

For many people, just having fun playing unpretentious games within their favorite games is not enough. There are those who like bigger challenges and want 100% of everything a title has to offer, for example. Others enjoy collecting and owning the most interesting items in the game, that’s their real goal. Finally, there are also those who want those unique objects, be it a weapon with a special color or even an animation that only you can have.

With these audiences in mind, Valve has given Steam a chance to win through cards and collect collectibles. To do this, you can get these items by completing certain objectives in the games that are present on the platform.

“Cool, but I’m not interested in those letters or anything.” Well, do you know that there is a huge market for these items – and there are many people making good money from them. We’re not talking millions of reais, but the fact is that you can certainly make a little money by spending less on your purchases on Steam.

Where does it come from?

Currently, many games already have the function of cards. To find out which ones, first open Steam on your computer and go to the Shop section. Then click on the magnifying glass positioned in the search box.

In this way you can open the menus with all available search filters. From there, scroll until you find the “Steam Trading Cards” alternative. Simply check the appropriate box and perform a new search. Okay, now you have a list of all the games that have this feature.

Sell ​​cards on Steam and earn money

As previously mentioned, these cards are obtained within the games. Each game has its own challenges. For example, in an online shooter you have to kill 50 enemies with a pistol or survive ten minutes without a kill or respawn.

It is important to note that the rules are not unified, so to speak. That actually makes everything more interesting, after all, a mechanic in a cast could make it difficult for players to progress. Have you ever thought about rules to conquer the same maps in a racing game and a fighting game? Impossible…

Buy, sell, exchange …

All Steam card trading takes place within the platform itself. Everything is very intuitive and once you start exploring the menus related to this activity you’ll find that you can buy and sell cards quickly. There are two ways to access them:

badge menu

First, with Steam open, go to your name and expand the menu. Then access the Insignia alternative. There you will have an overview of everyone you have conquered within the community and how many are left to level up.

Also note that below this list of “Insignia” you can also see your cards. There you will find them clearly sorted according to the respective games and where they were obtained.

In this way it is possible to have a more comprehensive overview of the cards you have won within the game and which ones are missing in order to exchange them for new badges from the Steam community.

Which are missing so you can exchange for new badges from the Steam community.

By reviewing this organization in detail, focus on a specific game. There you will find several shortcuts for managing the cards. For example, if you click on the game, you can see the ones you already have for that title, and in a menu below, the one you get for closing the pack for that particular game.

In each of these menus there are buttons that allow different actions. For example, among the alternatives in the section with the cards you already have, the most suitable option for those who want to sell the cards is the button “Advertise cards on the market”.

Clicking on this will take you to a screen where you can announce all the cards of this game at once, already seeing the average price that other players are asking for these items, as well as the value you will receive after the sale.

If you go back to your cards menu of any game and scroll the screen, you have this section with those you need to close a pack, right? There are buttons to search for these cards in the market and visit the game’s transaction forum to see if anyone suggests trading there. It is also possible to see which friends of yours have cards from this game and make offers to trade with them from there.

inventory menu

Well, the way to access the maps through the “Inventory”. In this options menu, accessed by its name (among the main Steam shortcuts), there is also the alternative of accessing the maps from the “Inventory”. In this case, you have a macro view of all the items you have bought on the platform, including discounts and gifts. To only show your cards, click on the big filter in the middle of the screen and choose the alternative “Community”.

Maps on Steam

Note that all are grouped by the game they were acquired in, but there are no major divisions as in the case of the Badges menu. Therefore, this menu is more suitable for those who really want to swap the cards.

Click on any of them and you will get various pieces of information called bookmarks. There you can check if it’s a shared card, what game it is, etc. In the “View in Community Market” section you can see how much it’s selling and if you want you can buy it for the apply for desired quantity.

other tools

You can also find a lot more information about card trading within the Steam environment. In game forums you always have players from all over the world buying, selling and trading cards.

In the “Community Market” section, which you can access from the “Community” option in the main menu of the service, you will find everything related to these transactions, including the review of popular items, prices, quantities …

sell tickets on steam

A good tip for those who want to be aware of the price fluctuations of this “commodity” is to search Google for the name of the cards. There are sites that monitor these prices, seasonal charts and information about the rating of this or that item.

What if I don’t sell?

Very good, you like the layout of the maps and don’t want to sell yours? Excellent, know that Steam brings with it several resources that “reward” those who have these items. But know now: It will not be easy to “evolve” in this world.

Well, for starters, you need to collect some cards in your account within the service. These can be grouped into specific sets on the platform. Steam points out that to compose these “packs” you must obtain half of the cards through play and the other half through other means within the platform, either through trading with other users or even through direct purchase.

If you manage to put together a set, you can craft a special badge from a game. In turn, this new item offers you several advantages such as: B. Items (emoticons, backgrounds for your profile, etc.) that can be sold in the market or discount coupons for other games.

If you manage to put together a set, you can craft a special badge from a game.

Well, if you didn’t want to sell the cards, you wouldn’t want to get rid of the badges, would you? Well, know that the path does not end there. Such badges can be leveled up, adding new items to your collection.

In addition to the collectibles, these actions also increase your Steam level and can be used to obtain rarer (and non-tradable) items, including profile highlights or even a higher limit of friends within the platform.Source(s): Steam, TechTudo, StackExchange