COD Warzone: how to find the best loot in Verdansk

When you first enter Call of Duty Warzone you will be amazed at the size of the map in Battle Royale mode. It’s called Verdansk and is divided into several sectors ranging from desert mountains to urban centers. As in all BR games, there are more controversial strengths to offer in order to offer the best weapons and gear in the game. Today we will show you how and where you can find the best game loots in CoD Warzone.

Our guide is based on official information from the developer Infinity Ward and a compilation of Rock, Paper, Shotgun who have searched the official atlas for the best loot rankings.

Before starting your search, take a few minutes in more casual matches to explore the four corners of the scene and their names, entrances, and secrets. It’s scary to think that most of the game modes (including paid multiplayer) are in Verdansk.

To make it easier to find the best prey points, the IW itself has divided the CoD WZ map into 5 main regions, namely:

  • North Verdansk
  • West Verdansk
  • East Verdansk
  • Verdansk southwest
  • Central and South Verdansk

This will be the breakdown we’ll use throughout the guide. At the end you will find the ones compiled with 20 of the best loot points in the game. Let’s get down to business, the locations with some of the best Call of Duty Warzone loot, weapons, and gear!

Where to find the best Verdansk loot in CoD Warzone

1. Verdansk Nord – karst river quarry

Point of Interest: Train station (bridge)

Quarry is definitely one of the richest places in CoD Warzone. In Rail Yard, players will find a series of interconnected buildings with sheds, wagons, and many floors of loot. The corridors between buildings are called “death corridors” because they are exposed to outsiders.

In addition to many chests, the region is also home to a large number of stairs, lookout points for battle towers and observation towers with a view of the sad cells of the Gulag. If you want to maintain a position on the roof, try protecting the area with claymores so that you don’t get caught off guard from behind.

This region is rated by the developer with the maximum loot level.

Point of interest: shipping

Practically connected to the rail yard is the Shipping section of the card. Again lots of open buildings, with doors on all sides and prime loot. This is another region that has been rated with the highest loot points by the developer.

Just be careful, because this is where the level of danger from gunshots is even higher.

2. Verdansk West – International Airport

Point of Interest: Control Tower Complex

On the way west, players in the airport area have a great loot opportunity. The buildings have all been blown up and partially cover their interiors. Getting there quickly or by vehicle is important, however, as the surrounding area is mostly open and prone to gunfire.

This very feature makes this point a great base for snipers. Make sure to explore the upper floors of the tower and the complex next door to find all kinds of loot.

Point of Interest: Central Terminal and Access Terminals

The departure terminals are quick to the south. These buildings have been destroyed again and contain some of the largest amounts of loot in Warzone. No wonder it gets crowded in the region when the starting circle begins there.

Run through the different floors and corridors to find a variety of chests (including oranges) and use the closest setting to protect yourself from enemies who are also searching your surroundings.

This is also a great region to start the game as the broken roof allows easy access to the inside of the building. Since everything is darker inside, you can easily set up ambushes with mines, claymores, and other gadgets. Just be careful with the helicopters that arrive as the game progresses.

3. Southwest Verdansk Railway Station

Point of Interest: ticket hall and station concourse

Train Station is one of the favorite regions of CoD Warzone players. The construction is massive and, according to Infinity Ward, offers the maximum prey rating. In addition to the amount of chests and boxes scattered around the first floor, players can still walk through the wide rooftops to look for more gear.

At the top there are quick routes around the building without the players having to make many detours. It’s also an interesting vantage point against enemies trying to reach the region.

Despite the advantages, the scenario’s mobility also has disadvantages: the three main flights of stairs lead to the same access, so your team will have to carefully watch each side of the map.

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4. Verdansk center and south – downtown and hospital

Point of Interest: art museum, entertainment district and region

This is where the mistake starts! The inner city and its surroundings are without a doubt one of the most controversial regions of the battle royale. No wonder: this is the center of Verdansk, with skyscrapers taller than the rest of the landscape and buildings of all kinds, crammed with loot, weapons, equipment and so many other wonders.

As if the items weren’t enough, this region is usually closer to the circle closings and has easy access to many other places of interest, such as the region of the hospitals, the police station, and others. A little above, further north, is the large stadium, the area around which is lined with boxes.

If you like loot and challenge this is definitely one of the most exciting parts of the CoD Warzone map. Full plate for exchanging fire in the streets and for the snipers who can lean against the parapets of the buildings.

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5. East Verdansk – downtown and hospital

Point of Interest: art museum, entertainment district and region

There is no better place to complete our loot point recommendation. The prison is a nightmare for those who can’t win in the gulag, but the reality is that the building is home to some of the most interesting locations on the map. Starting with the turrets, you have great loot rooms and viewpoints for snipers.

As you descend through the dungeons, your team will encounter the prison’s cold corridors, with each cell having a different type of chest. There is usually a helicopter in the middle of the yard. If you want, you can go down the stairs into the mountains where you will find one of the game’s mysterious bunkers. Of course, there is also excellent prey there.

Since the environment is practically open terrain in the middle of mountains, your team shouldn’t have much trouble defending the ground unless another team goes down with you at the start of the game. Then run to see who arrives first with the assault rifle.

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Do you know any other cool loot points in CoD Warzone? You know, just let us know in the comments here. Good Battle Royale everyone!