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It’s been a while, but Respawn Entertainment has finally unveiled Season 4 of the Apex Legends game! EA’s battle royale continues in full swing and promises tough competition for Fortnite. Season 4 highlights include the new legend called Forge, brand new weapons, and a Battle Pass with exclusive rewards.

This season, named Assimilation, will also heat up the arenas of the game with Ranked Series 3. Excited to see the changes? So grab your gun and let’s go.

Meet Forge, the new character in Apex Legends

Ahead of the official announcement, there was a lot of speculation as to who the new Legend of Apex Legends Season 4 would be. Although names like Revenant and Rosie were suggested, the chosen one was Forge. The burly guy has several cybernetic enhancements on his body, which can be seen from his neck to his left hand.

A cyborg, Forge is described as a “confident yet humble” character, able to use his size, strength, and robotic enhancements to outmaneuver opponents on the battlefield.

Illustration of Forge, the new legend of Apex Legends

During the devstream, Apex developers described Forge as “the polar opposite of Crypto,” a fighter who loves hand-to-hand combat and was a five-time Fighting Federation champion. He reportedly has ties to a sports company in the gaming world, as well as a sponsorship from Hammond Robotics. For those who don’t remember, she is the one who produces the titans in Titanfall.

Unfortunately, that’s all we know about the character so far. Some data miners have even examined the game’s files and revealed six possible abilities (which are currently under testing). However, knowing that each legend has only 3 main abilities, it’s impossible to say which of them will be included in the final version of the game.

New season, new weapon!

For those who like to stay in the shadows and take down enemies from afar, the big news is the Sentinel sniper rifle. It uses a loading system that allows you to modulate the power of the shots, from full shots (which cause greater recoil) to weaker shots, depending on the situation.

In the new ranking series 3

Based on data collected up to January 10, 2020, the Apex Legends Ladder Series 2 participants break down as follows:

  • 3.9% bronze (5.1%)
  • 29.1% silver (40%)
  • 35.3% gold (35.7%)
  • 23.6% platinum (16.8%)
  • 7.1% Diamond (2.1%)
  • 1.0% Apex Predator (0.2%)

Depending on the class achieved, there are some special prizes for the participating players. Some of the examples are weapon keyrings, badges, and the starting paths that are flame-colored when pasted into the map. See some examples below:

Based on the information gathered, there will be some changes for Ranked Series 3. Divisions will be split into two shorter stages, each with a slight reset. Division 1 is played on the World’s Edge map. Division 2 marks the return to Kings Canyon.

To guarantee a unique animated badge, you must reach the same level in both divisions.

Speaking of levels, the developers believe that 1% of players was too high a number for the highest ranking, Apex Predators. Because of this, between Diamond and Apex Predator, they created a new level called the Master Level. That way, only the top 500 players on each platform (including PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4) remain Predators.

Respawn also wants to curb the practice of boosting, where really good players team up with bad players just to boost their respective levels. This is a practice considered harmful in the community and usually involves payments and other reprehensible attitudes.

Therefore, starting at the Platinum level, you can only form groups with players that are up to 1 level apart. This should greatly limit the issues encountered through Season 3.

That should pretty much limit the problems!

Respawn also hinted during the broadcast that there will be minor adjustments to the game’s scenarios to improve competitiveness and fix some bugs, but they haven’t been announced yet.

Gifts for everyone!

In a festive mood, the developers of Apex Legends want to celebrate the start of the new season and the anniversary of the game with a gift for the players. So everyone who logs in during the first week of Season 4 – Assimilation (February 4th – 11th) will receive a Birthday Gift Pack containing the following:

  • 1 year 1 Origami Flying Amulet (see below)
  • One year 1 loyalty badge
  • 10,000 XP points in the first game of the day (all days of the first week of Season 4 – Assimilation)

The Loyalty Badge is available in three different versions. The type is determined by when you first jumped off the transport ship, which is practically a way of showing others that you’ve got more playtime.

Season 4 Start – Apex Legends Assimilation

Assimilation is scheduled for release on February 4th, 2020, exactly on the day of Apex Legends’ 1 year anniversary. All the content and updates we mentioned above will come with the update.

So did you like the news? If you want to learn more about Apex and improve your skills in this battle royale, click here! We have all the tips for you to improve your in-game performance and master the game’s ping system. Who knows, maybe you’ll emerge as the champion of the next round?

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