Final Fantasy on PC: Which games from the series can you play today?

The Final Fantasy franchise holds a special place in the hearts of RPG fans. The first game was released for Nintendo (NES) in 1987. Since then, Square’s games have evolved, spanning generations of consoles and finally ending up on PC. We’ve gone through SNES, PlayStation One, 2, 3 and 4, as well as many other platforms.

For those who didn’t like these games when they were released, the good news is that finding them has never been easier. Best of all, most of them now have enhanced PC versions on Steam. Still, some of these FFs were left out. Therefore, below we will discuss how to best play any Final Fantasy on your computer.

Final Fantasy for PC – Where every version can be played

As mentioned, the vast majority of titles are available on Valve’s digital store, Steam. The PC version may not be the most faithful at times, but it guarantees compatibility with your computer and supports the most modern operating systems such as Windows 10.

Also, these Steam-marketed versions have some pretty cool tools, like battle boosters. Let’s face it, the slow paced pace of some of the older Final Fantasy games doesn’t fit our busy reality where hundreds of other games await! With those considerations out of the way, let’s move on to the games.

Final Fantasy I

  • Only available via emulators

The first Final Fantasy is one of the few that has yet to be re-released for computers. However, the PC can emulate several other platforms, including Android (you can use an app like Bluestacks and buy the game directly from Google’s Play Store). Despite this, this is not the most recommended solution due to the need to always be connected to the internet and also due to some bugs in the mobile version.

For purists who prefer a very slow game pace, the NES version can be easily emulated on any computer and is considered the original experience.

For those who prefer a slightly more modern version with faster fighting, it’s recommended to use a PlayStation One emulator and buy a copy of the Final Fantasy Origins version. Considered the best of them all, she even won the PSP re-release called Dawn of Souls.

Final Fantasy II

  • Only available via emulators

Like FF I, Final Fantasy II is only available through emulators. Invest again in the Origins version released for PlayStation One. It contains both games and is considered one of the best new releases. The Android version available on Google Play again suffers from bugs that can affect your gameplay.

Final Fantasy III

  • Available on Steam / Link to Store

The Luneth & Co. Saga is officially available on Steam. The PC version includes overhauled 3D graphics, cutscenes and support for Steam maps and achievements. Game Record also allows you to quickly view the bestiary and other game data.

Final Fantasy IV

  • Available on Steam / Link to Store
  • Final Fantasy IV – The After Years / Link to the shop

One of the most popular games in the franchise, Final Fantasy IV received special treatment for its re-release. The game received animated passages, dubbing of some important scenes and new 3D graphics with higher resolution compared to the Nintendo DS. The best way to play the game is to buy it directly from Steam.

Fans can also purchase Final Fantasy IV – The After Years, a sequel set almost 20 years after the original. The plot revolves around Ceodore, Cecil and Rosa’s son. Some of the classic characters also return and have their own take. An example is the legendary Cain. Check out the trailer below:

Final Fantasy V

  • Available on Steam / Link to Store

More than 20 years after the original, FF V has finally been released on Steam. The graphics have been redesigned and even the Dungeon Sealed Temple has been added. Other highlights include the optional Enuo boss designed by Tetsuya Nomura himself and Steam Achievements support, making this the most complete version available today.

If you still don’t like the new graphics, an alternative is to emulate the Game Boy Advance’s Final Fantasy 5 Advance, considered by many to be the best ever.

Final Fantasy VI

  • Available on Steam / Link to Store

When it comes to the topic “Which version of Final Fantasy VI should I play?”, the discussion heats up. The game was originally released as FF3 for SNES, causing confusion to this day. This version is considered the most closed of all.

However, the version that we are going to give today is the PC version that was released through Steam. It brings all the extras from releases like FF6 Advance, which greatly reduces the number of bugs. The downside is the graphics with sprites and mixed art styles that may not be for everyone.

Final Fantasy VII

  • Available on Steam / Link to Store

Without a doubt one of the most memorable games in the franchise. The current PC version is considered one of the most complete as it includes cheats to speed up your progress and increase HP, MP and Gil. This makes the experience faster (and even more fun for some).

If you really want to play the original version, you need to buy the PSOne game and install an emulator on your PC.

Final Fantasy VIII

  • Available on Steam / Link to Store

One of the best soundtracks in the gaming world. Final Fantasy VIII deserves to be remembered for its action-packed scenes and landscapes that left us only daydreaming. The Steam version brings guaranteed PC compatibility, as well as cheat codes, achievements, and even Chocobo World, which until then was reserved for PocketStation owners.

Final Fantasy IX

  • Available on Steam / Link to Store

In closing out the PlayStation One generation, we followed the pattern of the previous two games. The Steam version is the best of them all, bringing cheat codes, achievements, and other perks for those who want a faster gameplay. The graphics appear to have a slightly higher resolution, but the backgrounds are still a bit blurry.

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster

  • Available on Steam / Link to Store

Two games that severely divided public opinion. Previously only available for PS2, there is now a PC version. The highlights are the revised graphics, the newly arranged soundtrack, all content of the international versions, Game Booster and the auto-save function.

For those who don’t want to waste time, it’s even possible to turn off random battles, a huge time-saver for those who just want to progress through the story and play Blitzball.

Another positive point is that the pack sold on Steam is double, containing both games for the price of one.

Final Fantasy XI

  • limited availability

The MMORPG existed for over 15 years and still had some community in the PC version. Unfortunately for us Brazilians, the Ultimate Collection page is not available on Steam. The game can be purchased directly from Square Enix, with monthly subscriptions to be paid. The servers are currently limited.

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age

  • Available on Steam / Link to Store

The world of Ivalice has its appeal, mostly running at 60 FPS with improved graphics on PC. The desktop version supports different resolutions like Ultrawide, Achievements and Trading Cards as well as True Surround 7.1 Sound.

The game uses the Gambit system, which has a very steep learning curve but rewards players with some of the most dynamic combat ever seen in an RPG.

Final Fantasy XIII, FF XIII-2 and Lightning Returns

  • XIII / Link to shop
  • XIII-2 / Link to shop
  • Lightning Returns / Link to shop

As one of the newer games, the FF XIII trilogy didn’t take long to hit PC. This version includes all DLCs that were released on PS3, as well as English and Japanese voices, custom resolution support, improved graphics, a 60 frames per second rate and more.

Final Fantasy XIV

  • Available on Steam / Link to Store

Square’s latest MMORPG has had a rough time. It was necessary to destroy the entire universe of the game and rebuild it with the A Realm Reborn version. After many tweaks and improvements, the game has finally received a good response from the public. The latest expansion is Shadowbringers.

Final Fantasy XV

  • Available on Steam / Link to Store

This was a game that went through several obstacles during its development. It was originally revealed as Final Fantasy Versus XIII and only received the title XV years later. The PC version is considered the most complete in terms of content and features, as it makes good use of modern PC technologies and graphics cards.

PC version features include:

  • Insomnia Ruins Map: A new map that takes you straight to the end of the game
  • 1st person camera
  • true poor man
  • Unlocked use of the royal ship, with new fishing spots and recipes
  • Additional quest to acquire and upgrade the D-Type regalia
  • additional achievements

Other games are now available

If you missed any of the titles, that’s because we care more about the franchise’s first and numbered games. You can see all other titles sold on Steam using the links below:

  • World of Final Fantasy – Steam
  • Moebius Final Fantasy – Steam
  • Final Fantasy Type-0 HD – Steam

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