Here’s how to install and play Hyper Space for free on PC

Hyper Scape is the newest game from Ubisoft. Developed by the same team that brought Rainbow Six Siege to life, HS is a frantic online battle royale for PC that focuses on the verticality of scenarios and a range of special abilities known as hacks that players use defend and attack. The game is now available for download. How to download and install Hyper Scape on your PC for free.

Here’s how to install and play Hyper Scape for free on your PC

Hyper Scape has been available for download to all players since July 12th after it debuted in beta. The game is completely free, but to download it you will need to create a Ubisoft account. Follow the steps below to create your account and download the game.

Step 01 – Access Hyper Scape Official Website – Click on this link.

Step 02 – Click Download or “Join the Open Beta”

Step 03 – Select the platform you will be playing Hyper Scape on as shown in the picture below:

Step 04 – Sign in with your Ubisoft credentials. If you don’t already have an account, simply click the “Create an Account” link below and fill in all the required information. Ubisoft’s account is free and gives you access to many beta games as well as rewards at certain events (including full games like Watch Dogs).

You can also sign in with your Facebook, Xbox, Twitch or PlayStation accounts and link them to your Ubisoft account.


Step 05 – Upon confirmation of registration, the site will notify you that Hyper Scape has been added to your library. Click here to open UPlay if you have already installed the app on your PC. Otherwise, click Download UPlay and follow the on-screen instructions. UPlay is Ubisoft’s digital game shop. Although she sells her games on Steam, she has some exclusive items for her store front. Such is the case of Battle Royale Hyper Scape.

Step 06 – Select the “Games” tab in the UPlay app and look for the Hyper Scape icon. UPlay asks where to install the game. Manually select the folder if you want to install on a different hard drive or another location on your PC.

With the game installed, just hit the “PLAY” button and head out onto the streets of Neo Arcadia.


A completely hectic battle royale

In Hyper Scape, players are taken into a virtual world (Inception!) In which everyone has to fight for victory. To win the games, you have two options: be the last survivor in the game or conquer the crown and hold it for as long as necessary.

With more vertical gameplay, the Neo Arcadia map features skyscrapers and an array of thrusters that encourage players to explore the heights. Characters do not take fall damage and also have a double jump mechanic.


Another highlight is the weapon system. While collecting loot, repeated through the scenario, players perform what is known as a fusion and increase the power of their weapons, causing them to do more damage against opponents. There are also a number of skills called hacks that can be used to gain great advantages. Some of the examples are barriers, mines, invisibility and other surprises.

A scenario in self-destruction

Another important difference between Hyper Scape and rival Battle Royale is the game progression system. Instead of a circle that forces the player to concentrate on a central point, Hyper Scape relies on the decay of entire regions of the city of Neo Arcadia. Whole dishes crumble before your eyes, leaving all the characters hidden there open to attack.

Decay is not fixed. Players need to keep an eye on the map to see which spots are about to disappear and look for other neighborhoods to protect themselves.