How to Dance in Roblox: Learn to perform the dance steps in the game

Roblox is a worldwide phenomenon. Compared to Microsoft’s Minecraft, this platform for creating games has grown rapidly and has already passed the mark of 100 million users. Part of this success is due to its accessibility: Roblox is available on multiple devices such as PC, Xbox One, iPhone and Android. This article will show you how to dance in Roblox.

For those who want to have fun in this online world, one of the coolest options is to perform the different dance steps available. These are called emotes. Just keep your expectations low as the dances available here are much simpler than those in games like Destiny 2 and Fortnite.

Today we show you how you too can join in the fun by performing your most stylish moves. How to Perform Roblox Dance Moves on PC and Smartphones!

How to Dance in Roblox for PC

The dance steps are some of the diverse forms of online interaction in the game. Not only are they cool for making communication more fun, but also for livening up games on any server and adding an extra touch of personality to Roblox avatars.

Add an extra touch of personality to Roblox avatars.

Performing a dance move on the PC version is an incredibly easy task, just follow the instructions below whether you’re in crafting mode or in a match:

  • Step 01 – Press the “/” key to open the game chat
  • Step 02 – Type “/e dance”, “/e dance2” or “/e dance3”.
  • Step 03 – Confirm by pressing Enter on the keyboard

As you saw above, there are three different dance commands in Roblox. So open the chat and test which one is your favorite.

Other emote options available in Roblox are Wave, Aim, Celebrate, and Laugh. Here are the commands to enable them:

  • wave: “/e wave”
  • Dot: “/e Dot”
  • Celebration: “/e cheer”
  • Laugh: “/e laugh”

On the Roblox platform there are games like Fortnite Dance Simulator that already have a menu with a variety of other pre-programmed dances. However, they can only be accessed within the respective games and are not available in all areas of Roblox.

How to perform a dance move in Roblox for smartphones

It’s even easier to perform the Roblox dance moves on smartphones. Just open a game, tap the emote menu (a happy face reminiscent of Android and iOS emojis) and select one of the available options.

The dances will be at the end, indicated by their descriptions. Some of the options available are:

  • Dance 1, 2 and 3
  • Mix
  • Swing
  • Soft
  • Hip hop 1 and 2
  • Sun
  • marashin

If you liked the idea of ​​Roblox, you can also learn more details about Fortnite, Epic Games’ battle royale that is dominating the market. If competitive modes aren’t for you, just let your imagination run wild in creative mode, where there’s no risk or death. Click this link to find out more!

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