How to defeat Anjanath in Monter Hunter World

When you delve into the Monster Hunter World universe, you must have already encountered dozens of terrifying creatures. You are able to defeat hunters with few attacks. One of the most powerful of these is Anjanath, a type of enhanced Tyrannosaurus Rex capable of breathing fire and mercilessly trampling on opponents.

Considered to be one of the most feared enemies in the game developed by Capcom, Anjanath requires a lot of preparation and a few different fighting techniques to defeat. Check out all of our tips below to make defeating this monster easier, including the best tactics and the most viable gear.

Where to find Anjanath in Monster Hunter World?

Anjanath can be found in the western and northwestern regions of the Ancient Forest. They tend to roam alert between areas 7, 8, and 9, but there is a chance of encountering some asleep. As combat progresses, monsters tend to retreat to quadrants 13 and 14.

If you’re having trouble finding a runaway Anjanath, use Scoutflies. They leave a trail showing the enemy’s direction. When in doubt, search the above regions.

This is how you prepare for the duel against Anjanath in MHW

The first recommendation to face Anjanath is to forge some powerful armor and weapons. You can beat him with weaker items, but the fight will take a long time. The tip is to use the Dual Blades which have higher attack speed. This is crucial to exploiting the monster’s doom moments.

Another important detail is that the monster breathes fire and is immune to it. Therefore, prefer armor with resistance to this element to reduce the damage received from each attack. Favor Thunder, Ice, or Water swords to increase the damage dealt with each strike. A firearm is practically useless in combat.

Favor Thunder, Ice, or Water swords to increase the damage dealt with each strike.

As the possessor of attacks that can bring you to the brink of death, Anjanath also demands that you carry as many Mega Potions as possible. You can buy them (which will cost you good money) or forge them through in-game crafting.

How to defeat Anjanath in Monster Hunter World

Start the fight by going behind Anjanath and slightly below. Stay close and keep attacking your legs. If you notice a different movement, use dodge to dodge your paw’s punches. Roll away from him when in doubt about the next attack.

Anjanath possesses incredible agility and this forces you to run during the duel. If he strays too far, he has room to charge his powers and pounce at you. When this happens, approach again and dodge to the side when attacked.

If he strays too far, he has room to charge his powers and pounce at you.

Once the monster has taken enough damage, it will become angry and display some kind of gill (like the dinosaur from Jurassic Park). It is a warning sign for you to prepare for his fire-breathing. This attack can kill in one hit if your armor isn’t strong.

This attack can kill in one hit if your armor isn’t strong.

Another novelty is a side fire jet. This is slower and can be read ahead for quick counterattacks.

If you need to recover from the blows you’ve taken, quickly move away from Anjanath and always use the dodge command if necessary. A good tip is to don an invisibility cloak like the Guillie Cloak. This greatly reduces the chances of being attacked or pursued while attempting to restore some of your health bar.

When Anjanath has taken enough damage, he can be mounted using jump attacks. It is a chance to cause great damage to the animal. During battle, Anjanath can retreat or fight with other monsters. In the first situation, use the Scoutflies to follow him. When he fights with other monsters, take the opportunity to restore his health and organize the battle plan.

With a few more blows you defeated the dreaded Anjanath.

Table of Anjanath’s Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Water – Very resilient
  • Stun (Stun) – Medium resistance
  • Dragon (Dragon) – Low resistance
  • Blast – Low resistance
  • Fire (Fire) – Immune
  • Ice (Ice) – Medium resistance
  • Paralysis – Medium stamina
  • Sleep (Sleep) – Medium stamina
  • Thunder (Thunder) – Medium resistance
  • Poison (Poison) – Medium resistance

As you can see, Anjanath has few elemental weaknesses. The main one is his immunity to fire. So don’t even think about attacking him with a weapon based on this trait. The ideal is to bet on weapons based on water, thunder or ice. As we said before, try to go into battle wearing fireproof armor.

Anjanath’s Bestiary entry (Image: Eurogamer)

What do you get for defeating Anjanath?

Anjanath drops several important materials that can even be used to forge gear sets. Some examples are the Anja Armor Set, the Anja Alpha Armor Set, and the Anja Beta Armor Set. Check out the full list of items that can be dropped:

  • Anjanath Fang (Break your head, can be knocked out by monsters)
  • Anjanath nasal bone
  • Anjanath Plate
  • Anjanath scale
  • Anjanath tail

Will you face this monster? Then tell us here in the comments how your duel with this awesome dinosaur was like. Much luck!

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