How to enable cheats in Red Dead Redemption 2 to make the game easier

Life in the Wild West is no picnic. Many players may have already experienced the difficulty of some of the more advanced missions in RDR2’s single player campaign, which still present a very high level of challenge even with the improved PC mouse and keyboard controls. With this we separate this text to teach you how to activate cheats in Red Dead Redemption 2.

If you want to make Arthur Morgan’s life a little more relaxed and fun, a good tip is to enable cheat codes, the famous cheats present in Rockstar games, including Bully and Grand Theft Auto (GTA). There are 37 of them in total with very different effects.

There are 37 of them in total with very different effects.

We’ll show you how to activate them step-by-step, even listing the most important codes to make traveling through the lands of New Hanover, Ambarino, and Lemoyne easier.

A warning before we begin…

Each of RDR 2’s cheats have a different effect and affect factors like honor, money, ammo, health level and so many other Arthur Morgan stats. You can even spawn horses anywhere on the map!

For this reason, Rockstar Games disables the save game feature once the cheat codes are activated, in order not to risk corrupting your save game. Achievements are also locked, so you can only use cheats for one purpose: fun.

Knowing that, let’s get to the guide!

How to activate cheat codes in Red Dead Redemption 2

To enable cheat codes for the PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2, press the “Esc” key and select the “Settings” menu. Then press the left “Shift” key on the keyboard to bring up the cheat menu.

Many of the cheats will be immediately available in the menu. Others can be discovered by buying and reading the newspapers scattered throughout the various towns. However, you just need to know what to type to unlock them all whenever you want, regardless of whether you bought the newspaper issues or not.

To insert the phrases listed in the order listed, press “Shift” again and confirm with the “Enter” key.

All Red Dead Redemption 2 Cheats for PC

Weapon and money cheats

Cheat CodeCheat EffectWhere To FindA Simple Life, A Beautiful DeathAdds a basic weapon set to your inventory – Abundance is the most boring desireGives your character infinite ammoValentine’s Journal Chapter 1Death Is SilenceAdds silent weapons and melee combat to your inventory – Greed is American VirtueAdds a set of Add Heavy weapons to your inventoryNewspaper – after completing “Propaganda, the New American Art” in Chapter 3Greed Is Now a VirtueAdds $500 to your monetary reserve – History is made by foolsAdds the Gunslinger set to your inventory (Secondary Weapons) –

Cheats for progression, storage and props

Cheat Code Cheat EffectWhere to FindEat Knowledge Unlocks all Crafting Prestige Recipes. All is Vanity Unlocks all of Arthur’s Outfits – Share Unlocks all Storage Upgrades –

Honor Cheats and Wanted Levels

Cheat CodeEffect of CheatWhere to FindBalance. Everything is in balance Bring the honor level back to default – Virtue undeserved is not a virtue Increase your honor Newspaper – After the quest Urban Pleasures in chapter 4 You revel in your shame I see You want freedom Decreases the “Wanted” level – You Want Punishment Increases Wanted level –

Status, Bars and Colors – Arthur Morgan

Cheat CodeCheat EffectWhere To FindA Fool On Command Arthur Morgan Gets Drunk – Be Greedy Only ForesightDead-Eye Skill Usage Cap -Guide Me BetterAuto-Mark Targets When Death Eyes Activate -Make Me BetterDead-Eye Level 2 -I’m Getting Better hisEyes of Death Level 3 – I still seek more Eyes of Death Level 4 – I seek and I find Eyes of Death Level 5 – Seek all the fullness of this place Increases stat bars – The lucky one who is always strong gives Arthur infinite ones Breath – After Chapter 5, you blossom before you die (Breath and Dexterity) – They seek more than the world offers. Boost all cores and restore all beams. Newspaper – After the quest “The King’s Son” in Chapter 6

Horse and Travel Cheats

Cheat code Cheat effectWhere to findBetter than my dogCall the horse from any distance -Hold your dreams lightlySummon a buggy and a horse -Keep your dreams lightlySummon a horse cart -My kingdom is a horseCreate Arthur’s bond with all the horses -Run! run! run! Summon a Racehorse – Best of the Old Kind Summon a Carriage – Would you be happier than a clown? Summon a Circus Wagon Newspaper – Purchase after the Epilogue You are a Beast Built for War Summon a War Horse Newspaper – Purchase the entire map after the EpilogueNewspaper – After Chapter 3 QuestYou Want More Than You HaveSummons a Thoroughbred Arabian Horse- You want something new Summon some horse-

These are all cheats available so far for the Red Dead Redemption single player campaign. Do you know any other secrets Rockstar is hiding? Tell us in the comments below. Enjoy and click on this link to check the minimum requirements for RDR 2 on PC and other curiosities about the game.

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