How to kill every Nioh boss with ease

Nioh isn’t Dark Souls, but it’s as difficult as any other From Software game. That was exactly the intention of Team Ninja, who have prepared an arsenal of monsters from Japanese mythology to bring you to your death over and over again.

If you can’t take any more to see your blood spilled, see a tip below for easily killing any of the enemies in the game.

Destroy every enemy!

It’s also important to note that the method applies to both the most powerful Yokai (like Onyudo and Raven Tengu) and the game’s bosses, making it much easier to win battles. Hino-enma, get ready, let’s go!

Here’s how to easily kill every boss in Nioh

To make our life in Nioh easier, let’s use one of the Onmyo skills. In the Learn Skill tab, there is a section dedicated to Onmyo spells only. Navigate through it until you reach Talisman: Sloth. Try to master it as quickly as possible.

It costs 3 jutsu and allows you to prepare up to 2 sloth charms. There are three levels of training that grant more charms as the skill develops. In the English version, the skill is “Sloth”.

Why is she so important in Nioh, especially for newbies? The reason is simple: Sloth halves the opponents’ speed, giving you time not only to dodge, but also to prepare your attacks and time them perfectly.

The ability is particularly useful on bosses like Hino-enma, who are considered one of the most aggressive in the game due to their quick movements and constant pressure.

Proceed carefully!

Although the Sloth ability has a devastating effect on enemies, it’s worth remembering that it slows down animations, but not the speed of projectiles.

In the video above, watch Hino-enma again as our example of how it is possible to discern his every action. Even so, the spears she throws have the same speed and require precise dodging to avoid getting hit.

Spears and projectiles hold fast

Another detail is that if players start their games in the New Game Plus modes, the potential of the skill will be significantly reduced. While movement speed is still reduced by 50%, the duration of the effect is drastically reduced.

Master your skills

In order not to rely solely on Sloth’s magic, we recommend that you carefully study the game’s combat mechanics. All enemies, especially bosses, have animations showing what attack is coming your way.

Nioh has his own fighting rhythm

At this point, learn to defend yourself and understand which directions to dodge. While similar in style to games like Bloodborne, Sekiro, Dark Souls, and Demon’s Souls, Nioh has its own combat rhythm that may require some adjustments on the part of veterans of the genre.

By the way, if you also play Sekiro, access all our tips on the game.

Nioh is available for PC on Steam. The Complete Edition already includes all of the game’s DLCs, including Dragon of the North, Honor Challenged, End of the Bloodbath and the exclusive bonus Kabuto Dharmachakra, a helmet clearly related to Valve’s webshop.


Source(s): FightingCowboy