How to optimize Valorant to run the game with more FPS on your PC

We all like beautiful graphics and great screen effects. But when it comes to competitive online games like Counter Strike, computer performance is what counts. With Valorant, the new game from Riot, the situation is no different. Today we are going to show you how to optimize Valorant to run the game with more FPS on your PC.

We’ll show you some of the game’s internal settings, as well as options from NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards that can help keep frames per second high.

How to optimize Valorant for more FPS on your PC

By nature, Valorant was already considered an easy game. Riot was very interested in making a game accessible to players with weaker PCs. Cartoon graphics shouldn’t weigh heavily on dedicated graphics cards from the last three generations.

However, for those looking to play in competitive mode, it’s always a good idea to download some of the graphics tweaks available in the game. Start with texture quality in case your GPU is low on VRAM memory. Usually the difference between top and medium quality isn’t that obvious mainly because you’re focused on the target.

Further graphic valorant options for optimization

Then move on to disabling first-person shadows and anti-aliasing technologies, which often weigh heavily. Anisotropic filtering is the next element that can slow down older graphics cards.

For the best possible response and not to crash your FPS rate, remember to play with the V-Sync (Vertical Sync to Monitor) option turned off. It avoids screen tearing, the ripping effect from frame to frame, but generally leads to a significant increase in input lag. And that’s all you don’t want in Valorant.

It avoids screen tearing, the tear effect between one frame and another.

If performance is still unsatisfactory, the best way to optimize game performance is to download absolutely all of the options and work incrementally, changing one at a time to test which one has the least effect on your FPS rate .

Watch out for FPS limiters

Valorant comes with a number of frame-per-second (FPS) limiters. This measure was taken to avoid wasting energy, especially with notebooks. Deactivate all of these limiters while playing so that the game always runs at maximum performance.

You can leave the frame rate limiter on in the game menus and in the background as these options will not affect your game performance.

Remember, the higher your frame rate, the shorter your reaction time and game reaction time to your click, which can mean the difference between a win and a humiliating defeat.

Options for users with NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards

Now that we’ve seen Valorant’s top graphical tweaks, it’s time to go other avenues to optimize your PC’s performance for the game. NVIDIA and AMD cards have several options in their drivers to optimize the computer for performance and power.

By default, both manufacturers set the option to balanced mode. Navigate to the Board Settings window and select the “Maximum Performance” option. It offers more resources so that the graphics card works regardless of consumption (ideal on desktops).

For NVIDIA boards, some even recommend the following settings:

  • Maximum frame rate: off
  • Segmented optimization: a
  • Vertical sync: off
  • Pre-rendered frames: 1

Windows, drivers and other notices

As I said, Valorant is a very easy game, but that doesn’t mean it can be played on all computers without any problems. If you continue to experience FPS drops, crashes, and struggling to keep performance above 60 frames per second, the next step is to update your graphics card drivers.

Then make sure you have closed any unimportant programs that are normally running in the background. It sounds silly, but browsers like Chrome, for example, can easily consume more than 8 GB of your RAM depending on the content open and the number of tabs used.

With all of these tips, you can enjoy Valorant in peace without worrying about crashes and other problems in online mode. After that, it will be difficult to choose between Counter-Strike Global Operations and the new shooter from Riot Games.

Have fun and good questions!