How to put together the best team in Valorant

When playing CS: GO, teams must be aware of the weapons and accessories that are equipped in the round. In Valorant, the new competitive shooter from Riot Games, the strategy is much more complex. Each player must choose an agent with unique powers who can determine the outcome of the game. More than just the ability to trigger, you need to think about the tactics of the game. That’s why we’re showing you some tips on how to put together the best team in Valorant.

Although all agents have a relatively balanced level of performance, some have specific roles that can significantly reduce the team’s chances of survival if they are not included in the Team Comp.

So we’re going to comment on who these characters are first and then give comp tips around them. Remember that even the best composition of the game won’t work if your team is out of sync. So wear the headset and share your movements with the team!

Valorant agents who are essential for a good team


From the initiator class, Breach specializes in forcing confrontation and giving his team the advantage. Its abilities are very appealing, like charges that blind the enemy through walls (ideal if you know their location) and earthquakes that stun enemies and force them out of their hiding places.

Combine these skills with deadly characters like Jett and Raze to get some kills during matches.

How to put together the best team in Valorant


The born leader of a troop. Controller, Brimstone is the perfect support tool for your team. He brings incendiary grenades, durable smoke curtains, skills that accelerate the rate of fire of companions within his reach, and even a giant laser that descends from the sky to destroy hidden enemies.

As long as he devotes this entire arsenal, his team can work on any other strategy, be it collectively or across the map.

BrimstoneHow to put together the best team in Valorant


Anyone who plays Rainbow Six Siege (R6S) knows the importance of gathering information as you play. This is what distinguishes Cypher from other operators. Even without damage-causing skills, he is able to detect an entire team with cameras and sensors and prepare deadly ambushes.

Cypher has also shown that he can grab without too much pain by placing the bomb behind the cover and watching its flanks through the camera. If you are not used to playing this operator, it is good to learn!



Despite his limited potential when playing solo, Jett is a perfect agent for offensive and well-coordinated teams. The duelist moves at speeds that the crosshair cannot track, can step into enemy territory and walk quickly if she sees signs of danger.

His mid-air dash is extremely difficult to use in hand-to-hand combat situations, especially when everyone on the team synchronizes their attack.

Certainly one of Valorant’s deadliest operators.

The only downside is the complexity of the commands: in order to play Jett at a high level, you need to master all of the movement mechanics, keystrokes, and scenario points that can be used to your advantage. It takes a little dedication, but the result is worth it.



Some say that a team without a saga is doomed to fail. This operator uses his powerful bullets for everything from healing allies (and himself) to building barriers that only break with lots of shots.

It can also activate area abilities that slow enemies entering the location. The ultimate is resurrecting a teammate shot down in combat, something that can shake the opposing team and get your team back into play.

save valorant - watch

Dust off

Like Cypher, Sova plays a huge role in collecting data during the round. Tracker Arrow recognizes every enemy within range. The drone owl is even more powerful, flies over the scene and throws arrows at anyone who passes by.

Combine these intelligence skills with your maximum attack and you have the recipe for many frags in the game. For those who are not used to it, Hunter’s Fury’s attack can fire up to 3 arrows that cross the wall, catching the enemy on the other side unprepared, leaving them with absolutely no chance of retaliation.

Initiator - Valorant

How to build the best team in Valorant

Valorant’s agents are divided according to their function, that is, according to the activity in which they excel. For example, Cypher is a sentry, a character whose abilities do no direct damage. However, what you learn can mean the difference between a headshot or a humiliating defeat.

  • Controller: Character with area attacks who is able to control points on the map and curb the advance of enemies.
  • Duelist: Specializing in 1 vs 1, they are characters with quick and deadly abilities.
  • Initiator: Agents with skills that are conducive to the start of a fight, whether they make the enemy work, cause blindness, and cause many other negative values.
  • Sentinel: Focused on protection, support and information gathering. They are important for the balance of the team.

In order to build an excellent team in Valorant, your team must be balanced. This does not mean that it is necessary to have a character from each category, but that the chosen ones must be aligned with the strategy of the team.

In order to build an excellent team in Valorant, your team must be balanced.

Some teams prefer a fortress style. This means that you control part of the map and its entrances with strong defenses and traps, preferring security more than mobility. In these cases, agents like Sage and Brimstone are mandatory.

Other, more aggressive teams can form a line-up full of Duelists and Starters. Jett, Omen, and the Brazilian Raze are some of the most frequently chosen operators by those who fit this profile. Then just fill in the remaining spots with characters that reinforce the potential of the strategy.

how to build the best team in Valorant

Proposed teams (comps) for Valorant

clever spanking

  • sulfur
  • cipher
  • omen
  • ribbons
  • way

A team with great attack power and excellent map control. The Brimstone controller provides cover with its incendiary devices and smoke screens and improves the rate of fire of nearby allies.

Brimstone provides cover with its incendiary devices and smoke screens.

Cypher provides the necessary intelligence and contains the opponents’ movement routes with a camera and passage sensors. Omen, on the other hand, prepares the ground for attacks that come “out of nowhere” with abilities that are blind and teleported. Coupled with Raze’s firepower and support from Sage, this is a team that has at least a thick skin.

Just keep in mind that some of the characters have complex skills that require knowledge of maps, rotations, and especially bottlenecks.

Absolute card control

  • violation
  • sulfur
  • cipher
  • way
  • viper

This team focuses on one important tactic: forcing the enemy out of hiding. Cypher again provides intelligence in the field, while Sage supports him with his balls and healings. Commander Brimstone can hide movement with smoke or work with the abilities of Viper and Breach, devastating the defenses of others with all sorts of area attacks.

best team in volorant

Trouble initiators

  • violation
  • sulfur
  • Phoenix
  • way
  • Dust off

With two starters, this is a team for anyone who wants to cause a headache and wreak havoc. Brimstone continues with its area and map control functionality supported by Sage. Breach, Phoenix and Sova are great for penetrating enemy defenses with a combination of detection, illusion and area attacks. Nobody will be able to stand still against this comp.

Breach, Phoenix and Sova are characterized by a combination of detection, illusion and area attacks in penetrating enemy defenses.

These are just a few suggestions. For advanced players who can handle faster keystrokes, teams with characters like Jett are critical to the speed at which they can attack.

In any case, always try to keep Sage close to your team and invest heavily in making the most of each agent’s skills. Perhaps you will discover some strategies that are not even on the radar at Riot Games?