How to tweak Hyper Scape to run the game with more FPS on your PC

For those who like a lot of action online, the new Battle Royale from Ubisoft is a great choice. Hyper Scape brings insane battles to the virtual city of Neo Arcadia. Only one team or one player can emerge victorious. To do this, you need to eliminate all opponents or hold on to the crown for the necessary time. Real gamers need all of the power available, so we’re going to show you how to tweak Hyper Scape to run with more FPS on your PC.

We start with the graphical settings of the game. There are several important options like screen refresh rate, texture and shadow quality, and resolution scale. We’ll show you which of them weigh the most and which have a major impact on the gameplay.

Then we will give you a few tips for configuring Windows and your graphics card so that your performance is perfect. This is how you can win your Hyper Scape match without any FPS drop, lag or crash.

Let’s get to the instructions!

How to Optimize Hyper Scape for More FPS on PC

It would be very easy for us to ask you to download all of the game’s settings. Options set to minimum quality are generally easier on your GPU. It turns out that many of them can affect your performance in the game and the visualization of your opponents.

Ultra Low graphics have the least amount of visual clutter. Indoor environments are all clear with simple textures. However, the effects of weapons and the environment are severely damaged. Some of the attacks appear even more imprecise because they do not quite exceed the concept of the range radius.

In Ultra High, the graphics have a lot of effects, with lights on every corner of Neo Arcadia. In addition, the performance costs are very high in this configuration. If you lower the graphics too high or too high, your vision and your graphics card are immediately relieved.

That’s why we’re going to comment below on what each of Hyper Scape’s graphics adjustments do and what the recommended setting is for maximum FPS and proper gameplay. To activate the game’s graphics settings menu, press the F10 key on your keyboard and then click on “Settings” -> “Video”.

Comparison between ultra low, medium and ultra high (Image: Xeon Hacker)

Graphics options and optimization recommendations for Hyper Scape

Hyper-Scape display options

  • Display mode: We recommend the full screen mode as it offers a little more stable performance. Borderless works well too, but can have refresh rate and monitor inconsistencies.
  • Resolution: Always choose the native resolution of your monitor for a better view of enemies and on-screen information. Download it only when necessary to get an acceptable FPS.
  • Refresh rate: Select the highest frequency allowed for your monitor. Models with ratings like 144 Hz provide a huge competitive advantage by providing smoother movement and a quicker view of enemies on the screen.
  • Monitor: Generally automatic option if you have a monitor. If you have 2 or more, select the one you want the game to appear in.

Optimize Hyperscape

Advanced HyperScape options

  • V-Sync: We recommend the Off option. V-Sync causes a delay in the reaction to movement (input lag) in conventional monitors, which significantly reduces the recording and movement accuracy.
  • Aspect Ratio: Automatic selection so that the game adapts to the format of your monitor.
  • Widescreen letterbox: Off. This option creates black bars above and below the image to provide a cinematic experience, which doesn’t make sense in a competitive battle royale like Hyper Scape.
  • Field of View: Defines how open your point of view is. Customize as you see fit to align your map view with the accuracy of the crosshair.
  • Brightness: To gain an advantage inside buildings, adjust them so that the shadows of the game cannot hide opponents.

Optimize Hyperscape

HyperScape graphics quality

  • Overall quality: Changes several parameters at the same time according to the selected level. We recommend Custom so that you can customize each stitch.
  • Animation quality: Determines the quality of the characters and their level of detail. For the sake of clarity, choose at least Medium.
  • Anti-Aliasing Quality: Hyper Scape is one of the most jagged graphics games we’ve seen. For this reason, try to keep at least TXAA enabled. The 2x and 4X options significantly increase the resolution of the game and have a significant impact on the FPS. If it affects your FPS too much, don’t waste time on FXAA as it will blur everything on the screen.
  • Atmosphere quality: Defines the atmosphere effects. Lower to minimum to maximum clarity when aiming.
  • Resolution Scale: Determines the game’s dynamic rendering resolution. If possible, keep it pinned to 100% for more detail and clarity. If you need FPS, switch to dynamics that aren’t too low and consider adjusting the frame rate quality as well. Low settings here can affect the ENTIRE image, leaving the game poor, blurry, or checkered.
  • Geometry quality: The Medium option retains many details, which somewhat reduces the computational effort.
  • Frame Rate Quality: Sets the game’s frame rate (FPS). We leave it at 240 or according to the monitor.
  • Lighting Quality: Determines the quality of the shadows in the game. If you’re looking for a look uglier, go for the minimal option. It makes it easier to spot targets, especially in dark parts of the scene.
  • Shadow quality: Defines the quality of the game shadows. If you’re looking for a look uglier, go for the minimal option. It makes it easier to spot targets, especially in dark parts of the scene.
  • Sharpness: Makes the scene more sharp. By default, Hyper Scape looks pretty blurry. Adjust values ​​between 25 and 75% for a more defined look.
  • Sound Quality: Determines the number of removed sounds you can hear. Whenever possible, always choose the maximum option.
  • Texture quality: Defines the quality of textures. If you want maximum clarity and FPS, go for the minimum. The intermediate option maintains much of the quality without sacrificing performance as much. If you have a card with more than 3 or 4 GB of VRAM, you can safely experiment with the highest settings. It can lead to crashes and stuttering if it is over the limit of your board.
  • Visual Effects Quality: Overall quality of the effects. Choose at least medium in order to have a good overview of the effective range of fired weapons and abilities (hacks).

A very important tip is to always restart the game after you’ve finished your adjustments. This is important as some of the changes will require restarting the Battle Royale Hyper Scape.

How to optimize Windows 10 and GPU for Hyper Scape

In addition to game settings, remember to optimize Windows and the rest of your system. The first step is to download the latest driver for your graphics card, be it from NVIDIA or AMD.

In the GPU performance and energy settings, it is also important to navigate to the “Energy Use” tab and set the graphics card to the maximum performance mode. This ensures a sufficient power supply for the component, which can work better under load.

Do the same for Windows 10. Go to Control Panel, navigate to the Power & Sleep screen, and find the Performance & Power option. Drag the bar all the way to the right and select the Best Performance Power Mode.

Finally, remember to close all unnecessary programs while playing. Simple browsers like Google Chrome can consume more than 8 GB of RAM on your PC, depending on the number of tabs and content.

If you follow these tips, you will have a great battle royale experience. Hyper Scape and Neo Arcadia defiantly await you. See you later!