How to unlock new characters in Valorant

Do you already know how to unlock new characters in Valorant? Valorant was developed by Riot Games, the company responsible for League of Legends and Legends of Runeterra, and is a competitive online shooter game with 5-on-5 matches in the best forms of Counter-Strike. The big difference lies in the agents, unique characters in the game with skills that can determine the fate of the round.

Upon opening the game, players have instant access to 5 of these operators and must unlock all other characters with quests, riot credits (the valorant points) and progression levels. Check out how to unlock new characters in Valorant below!

Which free agents are released from the start?

By default, Valorant includes 5 characters that are released for players to play online. These are characters with skills that are a little easier to use. They are great for beginners, but no less important to any game’s strategy.

The 5 Valorant characters released from the start are:

  • Brimstone Agent (Controller)
  • Jet Agent (Duelist)
  • Phoenix Agent (Duelist)
  • Agent Sage (Guardian)
  • Sova agent (initiator)

How to unlock new agents in Valorant

All agents can be unlocked simply by playing Valorant without having to spend any real money. To do this, it is necessary to activate the so-called contracts, a sequence of missions and requirements that have to be fulfilled during the games.

How to unlock new characters in Valorant

Each contract is divided into five phases called tiers. To go through them, you just need to achieve the specified amount of experience. One thing that can speed up your XP gain is completing Valorants quests. These missions are displayed on the game’s home screen and are constantly being reset. Many of them are very easy to perform and have conditions such as playing a game, using skills, or buying a certain number of shields.

The first contracts are already activated by default and activate new agents at levels 5 and 10. Then you need to select the specific contracts that you want to develop further. If you change your mind and want to switch agents, don’t worry. The experience gained is not lost.

How to unlock new characters in Valorant

To activate a contract and activate an agent in Valorant, carry out the following steps:

  • Step 01 – On the home screen, click on the Agents option
  • Step 02 – Select the agent you want to unlock and click on their photo
  • Step 03 – Click Activate Contract

From that moment on, all the experience gained will be devoted to the contract levels of the selected agent.

How to unlock new characters in Valorant

How to buy new agents in Valorant

In case you’re not ready to complete all the contracts and complete the in-game missions, a much faster alternative to unlocking new agents is to buy the game’s virtual money called Valorant Points (VP).

When you access a banned agent’s screen, you will see the option to view the contract. Then simply select Tier 5 and click “Activate Tiers 1-5”. The cost of this operation is 1,000 Valorant Points per agent. The following screen will appear to confirm the action:

How to unlock new characters in Valorant

If you do not have enough credit, the game will open the screen to purchase Valorant points. You can choose the payment method (between credit card, direct debit, PaySafe Card and prepaid cards or codes). A package with 1,050 points costs R $ 29.90. The package with 5,550 points is available for R $ 149.90.

See the full price list below:

Which character should I unlock first in Valorant?

Before investing your precious time (or money), it’s a good idea to test each of the agents in Valorant’s training mode. In this special room of the game, all content is published, with the right to infinite ammo and a full charge for skills.

To enter Training Mode, go to the Play tab, then click the Training button. All characters are available, either in range mode or in Spike’s work. Take the opportunity to test each of the skills, commands and interactions with different weapons in the game. There’s no point breaking a sweat to release a character if you don’t like their play style, right?