Meet Revenant, Apex Legends’ macabre new character

After many puzzles, Electronic Arts has finally unveiled its big cheat in Apex Legends. The Forge fighter was nothing more than a smoke screen just to show how sinister the new battle royale legend is. Revenant, as he is known, is a deadly character who specializes in assassination and has a bloodthirsty past connected to Hammond Industries.

We’ll bring you all the details of this legend below, including a little bit about his dark past, abilities, weapons and playstyle. For those who want to become death on the battlefield itself, here’s everything you need to know about Revenant from Apex Legends!

It was nice meeting you, Forge!

Meet Revenant, the new legend of Apex Legends

Dark from start to finish, Revenant is a character doomed to a life of eternal suffering. He was the top assassin in the Mercenary Syndicate and had an unparalleled reputation in the Outlands. Once a human, he was turned into a deadly heap of steel by Hammond Robotics, who only discovered his sad fate through a programming error.

To quench his thirst for blood, Revenant now turns to the Apex Games. In the trailer above, you can even see the character’s brutal presentation, sinking his blades into Forge’s back.

Kill Revenant Apex Legends

What further fuels Revenant’s desire for revenge is Hammond’s return to the Outlands. And he won’t stop until everyone involved is dead by their own hands. Worst of all, the character seems to accept his destiny as an assassin while relishing each of his victims.

And he won’t stop until everyone involved is dead by their own hands.

In his official record, Revenant is referred to as the “Synthetic Nightmare”, revealing his biomechanical nature, something he stopped being human long ago.

Revenant Legend data sheet

  • Real name: Unknown
  • Age: Unknown
  • Homeworld: Solace
  • Tactical Ability: Silence
  • Passive Ability: Stalker
  • Ultimate Ability: Totem of Death

All Legend Revenant skills in Apex Legends

As a master assassin, Revenant is practically a “counter-legend”. His powers focus on stealth and nullifying the abilities of other Apex Arena contestants. Check out each of his powers in detail below:

  • Tactical Ability – Silence: Throws a device that disables the enemy’s abilities for 10 seconds, negating any advantage or chance of escape.
  • Passive Ability – Stalker: In keeping with his murderous nature, Revenant moves faster while crouching and can scale higher walls than other Apex Legends.
  • Ultimate Ability – Death Totem: Revenant drops a totem on the ground capable of killing its wielder before dying. Instead of being knocked out or dying in battle, the user reappears in the totem.

Revenant Abilities - Apex Legends

Revenant’s play style

As you may have noticed from the abilities, Revenant likes to act quietly and stealthily. Its climbing ability allows you to reach new entry routes in some places in the scenario, which is an essential tool to surprise enemies.

An indispensable tool for surprising enemies

When faced with a squad, quickly cast Silence to gain the upper hand in combat and eliminate other people’s abilities. When entering dangerous terrain, remember to place the death totem. This second chance, if placed well, can give you the perfect angle to end a deadly duel.

So what do you think of Apex Legends’ Revenant assassin? A lot of people have commented that it’s OP (over the top, too strong for the game) but that could simply be a reflection of its recent arrival. If you’ve played with this legend, leave your impressions below.