SSD makes games faster and with more FPS?

With the announcement of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, one of the hottest new features of the new generation consoles was the replacement of the hard drive (HD) with an SSD, a solid state drive that can achieve up to ten times the speed of reading and writing Data. But what is the reason for this? Can an SSD play games faster and with more FPS?

At this point in mastery, it’s no secret that this type of memory provides numerous benefits to your PC, such as loading the operating system and programs almost instantly. The cost of an SSD also goes down, which makes the part more affordable for many people.

With the arrival of PCI-E 4.0 models and the new generation of consoles, prices are likely to drop even further. Let’s see what changes in your favorite games when you install an SSD on your PC?

Does an SSD Make Your Games Faster?

Typically, a good quality SSD will speed up your apps and games loading, especially in the most modern titles, as long as they take advantage of this performance difference. However, this result can vary widely from game to game.

This result can vary widely from game to game.

Check out some of the top games of the moment and the difference in load time between a regular HDD and SSD:

Rainbow Six Siege

In Rainbow Six Siege, players have to reload the map every round. A simple SSD takes around 25 seconds to complete this load, while a traditional HD can take over 40 seconds. In fact, it is very common practice for players in the lobby to kick other players in the game as the PC is slow the time difference.

This is a game that is definitely worth installing on your SSD drive.

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V)

GTA V is another game where an SSD can make a difference. Due to its gigantic backdrop, in campaign mode it usually takes up to a minute for the game card to be displayed on a conventional HD. On an NVMe-type SSD, this loading time can be reduced to around 25 seconds.

To access the online part, they are all very slow and take around 2 minutes or more. Nevertheless, the SSD NVMe manages to shorten the time of traditional HD by 40 seconds.


In the new game from Riot Games, the difference in game loading time between an HD and an SSD is around 15 seconds. There aren’t any significant changes within the game, mostly in terms of performance. Since it loads relatively quickly on both parts, installing it on the hard drive will not affect you.

Battlefield V

BF5 is one of the toughest games today thanks to its beautiful graphics and extremely detailed scenarios. The start of the game is most affected by HD. The phase load does not represent a large time difference, possibly due to the graphics engine used.

Image: adrenaline

HD vs. SSD: loading times at a glance

Another Tech vs Tech video shows a head-to-head comparison with some of the best games out there, including Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Far Cry 5, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, The Witcher 3, Ghost Recon Wildlands, and Resident Evil 2 Remake.

Overall, the fastest NVMe SSD models for these games fluctuate around 2 times the loading speed of a conventional hard drive, with some examples being up to 4 times the speed. Cash:

Does installing an SSD give you more FPS on your favorite game?

How much FPS your computer produces in games depends mainly on two factors: your graphics card (GPU) and your processor (CPU). These two pieces of hardware are crucial for anyone who wants to play games and dictate performance almost as a whole, backed up by good RAM and other high quality components.

In general, installing an SSD hardly changes the FPS performance. Since there are exceptions, few games can have a few tiny drops when installed on HD. This is the case with Call of Duty Warzone.

This can happen for two reasons. First, because the game can access a lot of simultaneous HD data, such as: B. Map textures and audio files that take a while to read. Second, there may be a lack of RAM to store this information. Then the game falls back on virtual memory and uses its HD as if it were an extension of RAM memory. This process degrades game performance.

Then the game uses the virtual memory.

For now, the verdict is that SSDs can improve your PC gaming experience, but only for the sake of loading times. If you don’t mind and want to save some money by the time the new generation of parts arrives, you can now also assemble a machine with a good hard drive. Games run just as well once loaded into PC memory.

And will it stay that way in the future?

The answer is: we don’t know yet. The introduction of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox One with their very fast SSDs will encourage a whole wave of games to take advantage of this speed difference.

Some developers have already announced that they have managed to simply end the loading times, while others promise lightning-fast trips to other worlds. In addition, we won’t have any issues with streaming textures and other flawed details that usually appear in the current generation, especially in Unreal Engine games.

We won’t have any problems with texture streaming.

This advancement should force Microsoft to implement native support in Windows 10 for all of this speed boost, freeing the technology for PC game developers as well. For this reason, they should make better use of SSDs from 2021 onwards.

The good news is that the new standard is becoming more and more accessible. That way, you can soon be investing in a high-speed, high-capacity SSD without having to play Tetris to choose which games to keep installed on your computer.