Street Fighter V Champion Edition: Find out everything you will have in the expansion

Contrary to expectations, Capcom announced Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, a full version of the game that includes virtually all content and DLC in a single package. Scheduled for February 14th, 2020 on PC and PlayStation 4 platforms, the release will bring other surprises such as: B. An unprecedented ability for all characters in the cast.

In all, there will be more than 200 costumes for the fighters, 34 stages and 40 characters, making this the most complete pack the franchise has ever seen.

Get ready for the most complete franchise package

What’s left out are only the special outfits you get in Fighting Chance mode, the Pro Tour commemorative DLCs, and the collaborative items developed in collaboration with other brands.

Interested? So check out all the details below, including the release date, price, the reveal of Gill, and the new V-Skill 2 that promises to open up even more possibilities for offense, defense, and combos.

Gill: The demigod returns

The announcement of the Champion Edition was accompanied by a trailer for the game’s newest character: Gill. Urien’s brother, he is the leader of the Illuminati and served as the main antagonist of Street Fighter III (whose story takes place after the events of Street Fighter V).

Here he intends to show the world his power to fulfill the Secret Society’s prophecy, which has existed since ancient times.

Available from December, Gill’s body is split in half in blue and red. Hits with the right side charge deal elemental damage (pyrokinesis) and burn enemies who come in contact with consecutive attacks.

The left side has freezing properties due to cryokinesis, revealing the full duality of the character. Back then, it was designed to highlight the processing power of Capcom’s Arcades CPS-3 platforms.

Among the different skins you will find the classic SF III

Buyers will receive multiple skins including his classic SF III appearance. The second outfit is armor modeled after that of the Roman army, with a golden helmet, hilts and breastplate.

His story mode outfit resembles that of a Greek god. The last special outfit is the skin of Pyron, a classic character from Darkstalkers.

Check out Gil’s main moves and abilities below:

  • V-Skill I – Divine Comet: A skill that materializes an ice projectile in mid-air. Falling toward the enemy, it’s a great way to keep up the pressure after a knockdown or even to initiate devastating combos.
  • V-Skill II – Blocking: A great tribute to Street Fighter III. The command, if executed at the right time, allows Gill to parry opponents’ blows, taking no damage and still putting him in a frame advantage for counterattacks.
  • V-Trigger I – Primal Fire: Boosts fire attacks. One of the Strike variants throws the opponent into the air and brings them back with a flaming rock.
  • V-Trigger II – Ice of Doom: Uses ice to increase the damage and range of some hits. It can freeze points in the scenario, making it difficult for the opponent to move.

Those who don’t want to invest in the Champion Edition bundle can purchase Gill separately for 100,000 Fight Money, the game’s virtual currency. This equates to about 18 reais in Capcom’s virtual store.

Did you say “40 characters”?

More observant players may have noticed that Gill is the 39th fighter announced, leaving room for another surprise. Previous rumors pointed to characters like Oro or Sean.

That’s still a possibility, but Yoshinori Ono, the franchise’s producer, says Street Fighter V won’t have any news until mid-2020.

New V-Skills to change your game

Another big surprise is the arrival of V-Skill 2. You are activated by pressing the middle punch and kick buttons at the same time and perform specific actions depending on the character.

For example, Ryu’s new V-Skill lets him dodge and counter punches. This even applies to Ultras and Supers, making Shoto even more dangerous.

Alex’s V-Skill 2 is called Overchain and it has a crazy effect: After a few seconds of charging the skill, you can chain one special attack to another.

This completely changes its gameplay, creating new attack sequences and frame traps that can easily confuse the opponent.

Check out a quick recap of some of the new V-Skills announced so far below:

Introducing Street Fighter V Champion Edition

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition will be released on February 14, 2020 for PC and PS4. Those who already own the game can opt for the Upgrade Kit Bundle, a version at a promotional price.

It costs only R$ 49.99 on Steam and immediately releases all the content already available, including clothing, characters and scenarios.

Gil will be released in December. The date of the last character was not announced. New details are said to be revealed at the Capcom Pro Tour (which takes place on December 13) or at the Jump Fiesta, the developers’ special end-of-year event.

Some say it even features Resident Evil 3, so stay tuned!


Source(s): Steam, Cammyplayer