Valorant: Know all agents and skills of each individual

Developed to challenge the rule of Counter Strike, Valorant is the new shooter from Riot Games. The developer, who is known for his work on League of Legends, now wants to expand its online games portfolio. Valorant is packed with features that FPS fans will enjoy, such as: B. precise gameplay and light graphics. Today we’re going to show you all of the agents in the game and the skills each one has to take down opponents!

Get to know all Valorant agents and their skills

1st Valorant Agent: Jett

Role: Duelist

Jett was born in South Korea and is one of the fastest agents in the game. She uses wind power to move quickly through the scene and can even channel the air currents to jump higher. Her highlight is the Storm of Steel, an ability she uses to manipulate a set of deadly blades.

Jett skills

Q – Upstream:

Creates a stream of air that makes Jett jump high. Great for exploring some regions and surprising opponents without taking great risks.

E – impulse breeze

It works like a line and drives Jett in the desired direction. If the player is not keeping a direction, Jett is promoted forward.

C – nebula eruption

Launches a wind projectile that expands once it hits a surface. The projectile can be steered by holding down the skill button and aiming in the desired direction. The cloud formed blocks the enemy’s view.

X – steel storm

This deadly ability forms a series of knives around Jett. With the left mouse button the agent throws one knife after the other at the opponent. When you press the secondary fire button, it fires all of the knives at once for a devastating blow.

2. Valorant Agent: Raze

Role: Duelist

A conjured Brazilian and “cool”, according to the official description of the game! Raze appears full of charisma on the screen and is armed to the teeth to destroy all enemies along the way. His play style is perfect for forcing enemies to escape from hiding. If you don’t do that, you’ll fly through the air!

Raze skills

Q – explosives charge

Releases an explosive charge that immediately adheres to surfaces (e.g. C4). Press the skill button again to detonate the charge. Raze does not take any damage from the explosion, but it can be thrown away, so be careful.

E – ink cartridges

With beautiful effects, this grenade has a devastating surface effect. First a central charge explodes. After that, its fragments separate and the explosions continue, covering an even larger surface.

C – Bumba

Bumba is a very cute little robot that moves in a straight line across the floor. It ricochets off walls and crashes into enemies when it detects them. At this point, it’s good to run as Bumba goes after him at full speed, doing phenomenal damage to anyone who makes a mistake.

X – spoilsport

Raze equips a rocket launcher. The shot creates a devastating explosion when it hits a surface. Trust me: you don’t want to be there when that happens …

3. Valorant agent: breakage

Role: Launcher

Breach is a bionic man. He uses his body modifications to fire deadly kinetic jets and make room for an invasion of enemy territory. In addition to damage, the Swede can still create interruptions and significantly disrupt the lives of opponents.

Hurt abilities

Q – backup

“Kaioken”! It’s not exactly like the Dragon Ball movement, but the effect is similar. Breach equips and fires a blinding charge that can be triggered from a wall. This forces enemies to reposition themselves so they don’t get killed without seeing what hit them.

E – tectonic fault

Breach creates a wave of seismic impact that continues if you hold down the skill button. Enemies hit will become dizzy and their vision will be blurred for a short time.

C – post shock

Equip a Fusion Charge. Like the other skills, it breaks through walls and creates a slow jet on the other side that surprises enemies. The damage from the explosion is high.

X – Thundering Wave

This wave is like a superversion of the Tectonic Fault. Causes a massive earthquake that hurls the ground through the air, stunning and taking out all enemies within the skill’s area of ​​effect.

4. Valorant agent: omen

Role: controller

Omen’s gloomy look already indicates his abilities. He manipulates reality, creates ghostly effects that blind opponents or cause hallucinations. It’s hard to guess which direction your attacks are coming from.

Omen skills

Q – paranoia

Fires a shadowy projectile that cuts through walls and reduces the field of view of any player it touches.

E – dark cloak

One of the most complex skills. Omen equips a shadow ball and chooses the point on the map where it should start (keep an eye on the range bar).

The start can be controlled with the Skill and Fire buttons.

C – dark footsteps

Teleports Omen to any point within range of the skill. It is necessary to channel the skill for a while before jumping.

X – shadow jump

Omen equips the tactical map and selects any point to teleport. Your shadow is vulnerable for a few seconds at the starting point of the jump.

5. Valorant Agent: Brimstone

Role: controller

The American uses a heavy arsenal to fight his opponents. It has incendiary bombs and various area devices, such as B. an accelerator that increases the rate of fire of all colleagues within your range.

Brimstone skills

Q – Arsonist

Grenade launcher. Bullets ricochet off the walls and explode on the floor, keeping an area ablaze.

E – Heavenly Smoke

Open the tactical map and choose up to 3 points. Long-lasting clouds of smoke are generated in selected locations, completely blocking the players’ view.

C – Stimulating Flag

Launches a gadget that increases the shooting speed of the players on your team. They just need to be within the flag’s sphere of action.

X – orbital attack

Pick a point on the map and shoot. A monstrous laser will come from the sky and destroy all exposed enemies.

6. Valorant Agent: Phoenix

Role: Duelist

His name has a special reason: like a phoenix, the British character can be reborn on the battlefield with his main skill. His attacks are all based on flames.

Phoenix skills

Q – curved ball

Launches a ball that curves and explodes shortly afterwards. He blinds every opponent who sees him. Use mouse clicks to steer the ball in the direction you want.

E – hot hands

Phoenix channels a ball of fire and throws it to the ground. This creates a lingering fire area, ideal for cornering opponents and letting them burn to death.

C – flame

Creates a wall of fire that blocks view and burns players who dare to step through the flames. Hold down the Skill button while moving the crosshairs to bend the flame.

X – rebirth

The main skill of Phoenix. Place a marker at your current position and start a timer. If you get shot and die in the meantime, Phoenix will return to the starting point in full health.

7. Valorant Agent: Sage

Function: Guard

As the owner of a balanced personality, Sage uses her balls and crystals to create true strength for the team. The Chinese is also able to revive the allies, which is an important part of the team’s strategy.

Wise skills

Q – Slow bullet

Equip a ball and hurl it towards the ground to create an area that will slow players down.

E – healing ball

Throw a healing ball at your allies. The recovery effect is slow and gradually increases the life lost. Use the secondary button to activate self-healing.

Throw a healing ball at your allies.

C – barrier sphere

Creates a solid wall at the desired position that blocks the path of your opponents. The secondary knob rotates the barrier before firing.

X – resurrection

Sage channels his powers and revives an ally killed in battle. Those who are resurrected return with a full bar of life.

8. Valorant agent: Sova

Role: Launcher

Cold and calculating, Sova is a Russian agent. He is a skilled tracker who uses skills to identify opponents on the battlefield.

Dusting skills

Q – shock arrow

Using a bow and arrow, Sova fires a shock projectile that ricochets off some walls to create an electric wave.

Hold down the fire button to increase the range.

E – tracking arrow

Sova equips a reconnaissance arrow that sends out an energy pulse when you let go. All enemies within range of the skill are revealed.

C – owl drone

Sova controls a drone using the map. When you encounter an enemy, fire reconnaissance arrows to mark them on the map.

X – Hunter’s Wrath

Soa’s maximum ability is deadly. He equips up to three long range shots that penetrate walls, cause massive damage and even reveal the opponent’s position in the scene.

Soa’s maximum ability is deadly.

9. Valorant Agent: Viper

Role: controller

His mask is no wonder: Viper uses several …