What are the best weapons to play Hyper Scape on PC?

Hyper Scape is a new battle royale available for PC and completely free to play. The game developed by Ubisoft wants to take some attention away from other games such as Call of Duty Warzone, Apex Legends and Fortnite. For this, he brings with him futuristic scenarios and unique starting mechanics that renew the formula of the rivals a little. For those of you arriving now, we are going to show you what the best weapons for Hyper Scape are.

Before we dive into the game’s best weapons, though, let’s take a look at the individual pieces that make up Hyper Scape’s arsenal. You will have to master the situation in which the weapon excels so that you have a chance to escape with the crown or destroy all participants.

Let’s get to the details!

All weapons available in Hyper Scape for PC

As with games like Quake and Doom, there are slow fire guns and instant fire guns. Grenade launchers have area and indirect effects due to the explosion. It’s quite a change from games like Warzone, which only have weapons with “instant” projectiles.

Your starting weapon is a stick that does 20 damage per hit. Don’t forget, as its main use is to break open the entrances to the game’s buildings.

Let’s get to the models and their descriptions:

PMA-D (D-Tap)

Type: pistol

The PMA-D is a “smart” pistol that automatically aims at enemies as long as they are within the rectangle shown on the screen (and it’s quite large). It’s great as a first weapon on the go or for players who like to move and attack at the same time. However, his shots are among the weakest in the game, even after upgrades.

Successive upgrades increase the capacity of the comb. The maximum level increases the damage done a little.

Revolt I (Insurrection One)

Type: heavy pistol


Anyone who likes a Desert Eagle type pistol will feel right at home in Revolt I. This weapon does significant damage, but it is difficult to use and requires a unique aim to function in the game.

Upgrades increase the damage done by Revolt I.


Type: Rapid Fire Submachine Gun


This SMG specializes in short range and is ideal for dealing damage at close range. The comb is small but refills quickly.

Upgrades increase the capacity of the comb, with the final level increasing the damage as well.

Ripper (ripper)

Type: assault rifle


The Ripper is Hyper Scape’s assault rifle. A machine gun with heavy and cadenced shots for those who like to fire bullets at opponents. It is one of the easiest weapons to use, useful at both short and medium range.

Upgrades increase the capacity of the comb. The last tier also increases the damage done.

Mammut V1 (Mammut MK1)

Type: Fast Action Shotgun


Exceptional for close range combat, Mammoth V1 deals significant damage at close range. Even so, taking out most players with a single shot is not enough. You can bet: no one will want to come near you!

Upgrades increase comb capacity and damage at the last level.

Mystical Fire (Hexfire)

Type: Automatic machine gun


A minigun with one of the highest rates of fire in the game. Even so, your shots will only deal 4 damage initially (or 6 on max fusion), which will require you to keep an eye on the enemy for some time. Characters with mobility hacks can escape easily. It’s a good tool for group control.

Protocol V (Protocol V)

Type: sniper rifle


Hands down, Ubisoft’s most featured weapon in all of its trailers. The improved Protocol V is cool over long distances, killing enemies with one headshot in a single bullet.

Its basic version deals 75 health damage with a headshot, which is also pretty terrifying. Keep in mind that it has a sizeable cooldown and requires a lot of aiming to use it meaningfully.

Save EPL (save EPL)

Type: Explosive Projectile Launcher


Grenade launcher with great potential for damage in the area. Each charge contains 6 rounds that explode on contact. Its damage is not as high on a single projectile, but the shape of the shot makes it an ideal choice against cornered enemies. 6 shots against a poorly positioned team can kill you in seconds.

The range is surprising: if you aim at the right slope, you can send the explosive cartridges far away. Do some experiments on the game’s training ground!

Upgrades increase the capacity of the comb, with the final level increasing the damage as well.


Type: plasma explosive device

Hyper Scape - komodo

His shots aren’t among the fastest, but they explode on contact, dealing a small radius of damage. It is ideal for combat in tight spaces without large escape routes. The damage is considerable.

Higher levels of fusion increase the carrying capacity and the latest upgrade increases the damage.


Type: single shot energy cannon


The imposing look is not in vain. The Skybreaker is one of the most harmful weapons in the game. His shots are balls of energy that explode on contact. They also cause area damage. The energy balls grow as they travel and the damage increases, which makes them ideal for shooting at windows populated by snipers.

His shots are balls of energy that explode on contact.

It is especially deadly when “fought” with skills like Impact and Shock. Always use your shots in combination with other forms of attack to crush your opponent almost instantly.

Fusions significantly increase the damage done.

What are the best weapons to play Hyper Scape on PC?

As you may have seen from the weapon descriptions, each model can be considered unique, both in the style of fire and in the way they deal damage to opponents. Players with a slightly blurry target may prefer weapons with a great combing ability, like the Ripper or Mystic Fire, as they are easier to use.

We always recommend having a weapon in your arsenal for every situation (ranged and melee) so that you can respond to different types of Hyper-Scape encounters.


One of the most common combinations used was Protocol V with break-heavens. The reason is simple: high damage capacity. With a fused Protocol V headshot to the max, you can annihilate an enemy from the map. In the basic version, the headshot causes 75 damage. Just follow the attack with a skybreaker area shot to obliterate all opponents’ chances.

As I said, the Skybreaker can also be combined with other easier-to-hit weapons and abilities with high damage potential for quick kills. It is without a doubt one of the strongest in Hyper Scape.

In terms of area control and rival teams, it is interesting to keep a Heavy Gunner on your team, someone armed with weapons like Hexfire and EPL Salva to dispel surprise attacks.

Keeping a Heavy Gunner on your team is interesting.

However, among all the weapon options available in Hyper Scape, it is up to you to find the best combination as it will depend directly on your play style and level of accuracy. Also, remember to combine hacks and gear in a way that covers the limitations of the weapons you choose.

Good start in Neo-Arkadia!