Will the PlayStation 5 be better than a PC gamer?

The time comes. Practically 7 years after the launch of the PS4, Sony is finally preparing the arrival of its next-gen console. The launch of the PlayStation 5 is scheduled for late 2020 and this has left a very important question in the minds of gamers: what will be better, a PlayStation 5 or a brand new PC gamer?

We have already said that there is no simple answer to this question. It depends on each person’s profile, games they want, habits and where they want to play. Still, we’re going to talk a little bit about the scenario, what are the main arguments in favor of the PC or the PS5 and also the latest hardware rumors, including the new GPU generation from NVIDIA and AMD that will surely keep the PC at the forefront of the processing power chain.

Shall we start with the latest PlayStation 5 information?

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How powerful is the PlayStation 5?

Anyone following the video game market must have seen “the first photos of the PlayStation 5” somewhere. The V-shaped machine revealed on some websites appears to be actually a development kit, a version aimed at developers so they can start developing their games in the new generation.

Image of the alleged PS5 dev kit and the new DualShock (Image: IGN)

However, this look will hardly reflect the final version, which should be launched with a more sober appearance, following Sony’s historical trends.

It should be launched with a more sober appearance.

In terms of processing power, the PS5 is estimated at around 9.2 teraflops (TFLOPS) generated by a custom AMD Ryzen processor and x86 architecture GPU.

However, the most outstanding detail from Sony is the storage. Eventually they will retire the old mechanical hard drives to make room for SSDs. And we’re not talking just any model: Sony is estimated to be working with controllers from Samsung to equip the console with state-of-the-art drives that use the PCI Express 4.0 standard and reach read and write speeds of over 6,500 MB/s. This would eliminate loading screens entirely.

It is estimated that Sony is working with controllers from Samsung to equip the console with the latest drivers.

There is one final mystery concerning the processing of graphics with real-time ray tracing technology. So far we don’t know if Sony will use AMD’s solution (like the new Xbox Series X) or if it will invest in its own technology, which could give it a slight advantage over its competitor.

The PC will not be low in 2020…

If you were impressed with the proposed processing power for the PS5, how about a quick comparison? NVIDIA’s top-of-the-line GeForce RTX 2080ti alone boasts approximately 13.4 TFLOPs of graphics processing power. The model costs more than a thousand dollars, of course, but there is evidence that the company’s new generation of boards will be manufactured using a 7-nanometer process, which can double the power efficiency and increase performance by about 50%.

Considering this scenario, a mid-range graphics card that can compete with the GPUs of the new consoles, including more functions for using ray tracing and other advanced functions, is not unthinkable.

It’s not inconceivable that a mid-range graphics card could compete with the GPUs in the new consoles.

The SSD technology so propagated by Sony is also available for PCs that already support PCI Express 4.0 technology on mainboards with an X570 chipset for AMD processors. Models like the Samsung 980 Pro, unveiled during CES 2020, will have read speeds as fast as the PS5, making no-loading games a reality on PC too.

Still talking about the processing power that computers will have in 2020, we come to the new CPUs. The AMD Ryzen 4000 series based on the Zen 3 architecture promises performance increases of 15% or more, as recently reported by some of the international hardware specialists.

Add all of these gains together and we soon see that the jump in the PC market will be huge in 2020, especially after mid-year when these products typically launch.

The monstrous NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080ti

What are the limitations of PlayStation 5?

As if advances in the PC hardware industry and models coming in a wide range of price points weren’t enough, new video games like the PS5 still have to push their own limits.

First, consoles are designed for maximum efficiency and the lowest possible cost. Historically, the PS3 was one of the most expensive consoles ever released at $599. The PS4 reversed that trend, starting at $399.

If the PlayStation 5 falls between the two extremes, we can expect its starting price to be $499. It doesn’t take much thought to conclude that a machine of this price cannot compete with much more expensive machines where every single part can cost the same.

If the PlayStation 5 falls between the two extremes, we can expect its starting price to be $499.

In addition to the price factor, thermal design is another variable that limits console performance. You need to cool a large number of parts in a space that is traditionally smaller than a PC case.

Why do some prefer video games?

As an advantage, we can say that the PS5 is a system designed exclusively for gaming. Developers work with a single specification in mind that allows them to get the most out of video game hardware.

Console fans will also argue that the UI puts you right in the game. There’s not much room for distractions or complications installing and running games, making it a better option for the living room. The same applies to purchasing: the consumer does not have to think about parts or specifications, nor does he need technical knowledge to make everything work.

Installing and running games doesn’t leave much room for distractions or complications.

Another recent PlayStation differential is the games. Sony develops great titles in its own studios, such as God of War, Uncharted, Horizon, Bloodborne, Gran Turismo and many others, making these exclusive titles a motivator to buy their consoles.

The Last of Us II – One of the most anticipated for PS4 could also come to PC

Which is Better: PlayStation 5 or PC Gamers?

As said, it all depends on your own preferences. Those who just deal with gaming without worrying about settings and max graphics quality generally find video games to be a simpler, if somewhat limited, experience.

They usually find video games easier to use.

With the PCs, the first major difference is that the user can choose bit by bit how to balance the machine’s performance, whether to spend more money on the processor and GPU or on RAM and storage.

Computers are also more robust machines, not just for gaming. You can work with your PC, develop apps, edit videos, stream games in real time and much more. It’s a multitasking option that offers many possibilities beyond gaming.

Computers are also more robust machines, not just for gaming.

And even speaking of games, the PC has another great advantage: you are not limited to a single store, but you can have promotions and a practically infinite catalog of games from Steam, Epic Games Store, EA’s Origin, Ubisoft’s Uplay and so on many others enjoy . If you want, you can even subscribe to Microsoft’s Game Pass service to get hundreds of games for a very reasonable monthly fee. The savings over the price of console games are significant.

The savings over the price of console games are significant.

With compatibility with controls like Xbox One and features like Windows Game Bar, computers already offer a much simpler experience than they did a few years ago and don’t require much knowledge from beginners.

Horizon: Zero Dawn – Rumors point to an upcoming PC release

Sony games for PC, believe it or not…

Finally, we have to highlight one of the big rumors circulating the internet: the possibility of Sony releasing its own PS4 and PS5 games for PC as well. Although unusual, the strategy would be a way to combat Microsoft’s dominance in this segment, given that the rival has excelled with Xbox Game Pass, offering subscription games at very competitive prices.

The possibility of Sony also releasing its own PS4 and PS5 games for PC.

Sources indicate that Sony is already working on the release of the game Horizon: Zero Dawn for computers. Other reports also mentioned the development of Dreams for PC. Recently, a vacancy for the development team of the blockbuster The Last of Us II has surfaced that requires specific knowledge of NVIDIA GPUs.

We don’t know when this information will be confirmed, but everything points to Sony holding its own conference next month to show everything about the PlayStation 5…