Will the Xbox Series X be better than a PC gamer?

Microsoft has started the race for next-gen video games, announcing the new Xbox Series X (formerly known as Scarlett) long before its rival PlayStation 5. Many people are wondering if they don’t have a better option for 2020 and 2021 than a PC are gamers.

In addition to hardware specs said to be slightly more powerful than the PS5, the new Xbox has some key differences, especially for those who enjoy playing games on PC, including Microsoft’s Game Pass.

If you’re stuck between saving the cash for the console or investing in a brand new PC gamer, here are some of the arguments that can help you make the decision.

The new Xbox Series X, unveiled by Microsoft at The Game Awards 2019

Meet the new Xbox Series X

Microsoft didn’t skimp on adjectives to describe its new console. She once called it the “world’s most powerful video game” and said that “it devours monsters for breakfast.” This confidence is a sign that the company is investing heavily in AMD to bring a competitive machine to market.

The current case, demonstrated at the last The Game Awards, resembles a vertical PC case with plenty of room for hot air exhaust. It’s a completely different format than we’re used to, as table consoles are traditionally oriented more horizontally to fit the living room.

Xbox stronger than PS5?

Current rumors indicate that the Xbox Series X will have a processing power of around 12 teraflops (TF), surpassing even some of the most powerful graphics cards on the market today. That’s a big jump compared to the competing PlayStation 5 (Sony’s console appears to have a total processing power of 9.2 TF).

Other technologies include ultra-fast SSDs (although potentially slower than those of the PlayStation 5, given the less modern controller that’s been chosen) and ray tracing support via hardware.

Ray tracing support via hardware.

Some companies like Samsung have asked Microsoft to allow the use of ultra-wide displays and resolutions. While this is only a possibility, Phil Spencer has already confirmed support for rates up to 120 fps and technologies like Freesync, which should increasingly be present in new generation TVs.

In fact, Phil himself pointed out that he prefers games that run smoothly, at 60 frames per second or more, to graphics “on the stick” but with unsatisfactory performance – something seen on all the latest console releases. Here is our expectation that this vision will really come true.

Finally, speculation is speculating about the price of $599, allegedly $100 more expensive than the rival. Here’s the first constraint on the console option: considering these values ​​and taxes, when we launch in Brazil we’d be talking about something around 4,000 reais, enough to build a nice PC gamer.

The console trailer promised football… but you can bet it doesn’t

FIFA! Modern technologies, logo on PC

As we said, the Xbox Series X will feature cutting-edge technologies, but all of them should be coming to PC in the next few months, such as: B. ultra-fast SSDs. In addition, ray tracing and the corresponding processing power in computers are already a reality, with a clear trend towards falling prices in relation to performance from the middle of the year.

New generations of dedicated graphics cards from NVIDIA and AMD are expected. Incidentally, NVIDIA GPUs undergo lithography reduction and are manufactured in 7 nanometers. That should translate to big gains, with analysts pointing to a 50% to 75% jump, accompanied by an increase in energy efficiency from a reduction in the manufacturing process.

Accompanied by an increase in energy efficiency by reducing the manufacturing process.

Therefore, the computing power argument may not be the most appropriate when it comes to choosing between a PC and a video game.

Exclusive? Not for Microsoft…

Another argument most used by those who like Sony consoles is the fact that the company has many high quality exclusives. That’s right, after all we have games like Gran Turismo, God of War, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Uncharted, Spiderman, Bloodborne, The Last of Us and so many others.

Today’s Microsoft, however, has a completely different view of business. Despite investing heavily in acquiring new studios, all future games will be conceived in a cross-platform approach that includes Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.

Future games will all be conceived in a cross-platform approach.

For this reason, if you choose PC Gamer, you will hardly miss a game from the company. You can even pay cheaper in the Windows Store or with Game Pass. Forza, Halo, Gears of War… All will also be available on the Windows Store or Steam.

And if the rumors are true, even Sony appears to be investing in the PC market to curb Microsoft’s Game Pass advances. According to current information, games like The Last of Us II, Dreams and Horizon: Zero Dawn could soon land on PCs.

Halo Infinite – Coming soon to Windows 10 PCs

Which is Better, the Xbox Series X or the New PC Gamer?

As you may have seen, the target audience of Xbox Series X buyers is made up of people who want a powerful console, with no complications and no distractions, who at the same time aren’t worried about staying away from the wave of exclusives from Nintendo and the Sony.

Considering that the Xbox is already practically in the form factor of a PC, even its form factor shouldn’t help installing it in the living room. Therefore, it is worth waiting for the release in Brazil. What can determine the choice is local price and how far Microsoft will open up its system to run other types of applications.

Future games will all be conceived in a cross-platform approach.

At the moment, a beautiful PC gamer can turn out to be the best alternative to offer not only games but also the possibility to do much more including working, streaming games, editing videos and so many other options. Always remember that a PC has the multitasking nature in its DNA, allowing you to do many things at once.

Microsoft itself has recognized this strength and has added features to Windows 10 that make life easier for gamers, such as:

Microsoft itself recognized this strength and added features to Windows 10 that make life easier for gamers.

Do you agree with these arguments? We want to know what you think about the new generation of video games and the company’s strategy. If you want to know more about the PlayStation 5 rumors, click this link!

Source: The Verge, Reddit